July in the garden

Granted, we are well into July, but I went out and took some pictures today so I can remember how things look this year. It has been a pretty good growing year so far! Not as many hot days over 90 as we had the past two years, which has made watering easier and less frequent.

So, in no particular order, here are some pictures I took today outside. It’s going to be a hot one, so you can see the leaves are starting to curl up a bit 🙂

Our plum tree below has gone crazy this year!! So many sweet plums! Lauren has eaten the most 🙂


Green beans and our volunteer pumpkin plant are doing well.2016-07-23_185957821_2E159_iOS

My onions are doing great but my lettuce has gone to seed and I haven’t taken the time to replant something there yet.2016-07-23_190001851_4DBBE_iOS

Tomatoes and zucchini doing just fine. This is right after I trimmed my tomato plants by about half though. They were so stretched out that they were covering up the zukes! There is basil somewhere in here, but realistically probably doesn’t have enough room to do too much this year…2016-07-23_190006442_10446_iOS

Corn in back, acorn squash on left, spaghetti squash on right. Both squashes producing quite a bit. 2016-07-23_190010625_F28EA_iOS

I actually have quite a few peppers on these pepper plants, but so far no cucumbers. Lots of flowers on them though, so I am waiting for cucumbers any day now! 2016-07-23_190014757_08BCD_iOS

Playing with my panoramic setting on my iphone. 2016-07-23_190219528_3A65A_iOS

A little bit of color on front porch.2016-07-23_190244190_9F861_iOS

And a bit more…2016-07-23_190248577_FCD36_iOS (1)

Our newest addition to the yard – some easy to make benches (thank you, Pinterest!) and some adirondack chairs. We also redid the firepit and have been spending a TON of time out here this summer! 2016-07-23_190614734_7D10F_iOS

My grape vine is doing just fine, as you can see!2016-07-23_190658197_8B0AA_iOS

I just am loving this elephant ear plant in back of the house! These leaves are “YUGE”, as the Donald would say. 😉2016-07-23_190723959_241C2_iOS

Here’s some of my spaghetti squash ready to pick and eat!2016-07-23_190749211_7542A_iOS

Volunteer pumpkins!2016-07-23_190757578_78DE6_iOS

The little hydrangea that could. It was covered up almost totally by lemon balm gone wild until I recently pulled a bunch out. It’s still blooming, even through not the best conditions.2016-07-23_190811096_D22CF_iOS

Coneflower. These are just the cheeriest little flowers, aren’t they? I planted these a year or two ago as TEENY plants and this is the first year they look like an actual plant.2016-07-23_190858131_100E4_iOS

Well, that’s all for now. Thankful for the space and time to grow a few things! I’m sure in another month I’ll be gardened out and ready for a break from watering/weeding, but for now I’m loving this summer.


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