Disneyland June 2015

Last summer, we packed up all five of us and a TON of stuff into our car and took off the day after school got out. We roadtripped down to Disneyland and it was actually a really fun part of the trip! I’ve flown with (and without) kids a LOT in my life, and sometimes I find that driving with kids is almost easier because you can bring so much more of your own things. Anyway, we split the drive up and the first day made it down to Sacramento (well, actually we stayed in Lodi), and then easily down to Anaheim the next afternoon.

We weren’t sure what it would be like going to Disneyland with our kids’ age at the time (2.5, 4.5 and 7) but with a few tips I had read up about, it was actually a fantastic trip! I highly, HIGHLY recommend reading the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland and following their touring plans. It saved us HOURS and HOURS of waiting time in lines and had countless other tips. One of the best and probably most important tips we picked from the book was the importance of taking a few hours off in the afternoon and going back to your hotel for awhile to recuperate before heading back to the parks for the evening. This also coincides with the busiest and hottest times in the parks, so this allows you to avoid waiting in the longest lines as well. We picked a hotel that was directly across the street from the Disneyland entrance, so it was a short walk to the hotel room and really made the days go so much more smoothly. We had zero meltdowns and the kids really truly enjoyed the whole time.

All in all, it was a fantastic time and almost a year later the kids still talk about it all the time!


At a rest stop on our drive down to Anaheim.

thumb (1)

Our first day – in Disney California Adventure

thumb (2)

Lauren was the #1 fan of getting her picture taken with characters!

thumb (3)


thumb (4)

They were a little scared/underwhelmed with Peter Pan but he was so nice to say hello for a quick photo opp for me 🙂

thumb (5)

The happiest place on earth – no joke!

thumb (6)


thumb (7)

Cinderella – does it get any better?

thumb (8)

Belle and big smiles all around

thumb (9)

Snow White spoke in the sweetest voice to her and she LOVED her

thumb (10)

Tinkerbell was darling!

thumb (11)

Tea outside Minnie’s house

thumb (12)

Checking out inside Minnie’s house

thumb (13)

The carousel!

thumb (14)

I think we were on Dumbo here


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