(Almost) June in the garden

It will be June 1st in a few hours, so we’re going to call this post JUNE in the garden. For some reason, I just felt a little underwhelmed with getting things planted and starting the gardening gig again this spring. I think maybe it’s because we had such a hot and early summer last year… Anyway, regardless of my lazy feeling, I finally got my veggie beds planted (a bit haphazardly) and snapped a few phone pics to at least document what I have planned for the months ahead. Here we go!

thumb (1)

Green beans in front and lemon cucumbers in back

thumb (2)

Onions in front and lettuce (and one sole asparagus plant) in back

thumb (3)

Zucchini in front and tomatoes and basil in back (with a few straggler flowers from last year)

thumb (4)

Corn in very back, winter squash in middle and pumpkins in the front!

thumb (5)

Peppers in back and canteloupe up front

thumb (6)

Dwarf cherry tree! Second year in the ground and doing great this year!

thumb (7)

Our earliest blueberry bush

thumb (8)

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, dwarf pear & cherry tree and grape vine up against fence

thumb (9)

Back of house plantings. More have been added this year.

thumb (10)

Cottage garden is happening little by little (weeds and all haha – hello dandelion!)

thumb (11)

Dwarf apple trees and lots more

thumb (12)

Rhubarb, my new flower lovelies and some little additions gradually filling in this spot. It’s very very dry and difficult to get things to grow here.

thumb (13)

Rose campion – grew these from seed on my bedroom window ledge last year and planted the little bitties last summer. They are biennial so they won’t last too long but they set seed and new ones should spring up in the future. I love their silvery foliage and beautiful flowers.

thumb (14)


thumb (15)

Sunny spot

thumb (16)

By front door


Front of the house from an angle


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