Alaska! 4th of July 2015

This past 4th of July weekend, my sweet husband allowed me to go visit my sister and much of my other Alaskan family. It was too great of a time not to remember on here! Lauren and I spent about 4 days up in Alaska while David and the boys had a great time back home. My older brother and his wife met us up there, too. It was so great visiting all my Alaskan family and spending time at my aunt & uncle’s cabin. It was a beyond lovely time. Family is everything!


Sister, brother, sister (just missing another brother!). This was on our drive to the cabin. Also, why did no one tell me to get a stinking HAIRCUT?! 😉

thumb (1)

A quick pitstop and a great photo opp!

thumb (2)

Standing on the bluff when we arrived at the cabin. She was a wee bit excited!

thumb (3)

I got a chance to kayak out in the water. It was a perfect night!

thumb (4)

Cousins’ kids becoming buddies!

thumb (5)

Jacy took this picture and i heart it so much. A lot of laughter together with everyone that weekend!

thumb (6)

Jac, me, sis. We are clearly a wee bit related 🙂

thumb (7)

This girly girl loved getting out to ride!

thumb (8)

We flew a redeye home from Alaska and arrived in Seattle at around 6 in the morning

thumb (9)

She was still happy and sweet as ever after only a few hours sleep on the plane. Lauren is the ultimate travel buddy! 🙂


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