July in the Garden

We are in the middle of July already – how did this happen?! The weather here in Oregon (and the Pacific Northwest in general) has been atrociously hot for what is the norm for June and early July. Many, many days of high 90’s and even up to 100 a few days. It was H-O-T and the plants were a little shocked! Some grew really quickly and well and others that don’t especially love intense heat wilted away to nothing… So all in all, this is an interesting year in the garden thus far! Here’s a few tidbits:

A quick shot of the 5 raised beds. The third one in from the right is very pitiful right now because I never got around to re-planting it with warm-weather items after I harvested the beets, lettuce, onions, etc. A few days ago, I finally threw a pack of pumpkin seeds in there just so I can see some beautiful green vines covering it 🙂 I don’t know what will happen because I’ve never planted pumpkin seeds this late, but even if I don’t get to harvest full-grown pumpkins, at least it will look better than it does now! I love a garden bed rambling full of vines.


The fruits & berries section. The grapes in the very back are probably a week or two away from harvesting and look really healthy. We’ve enjoyed some raspberries but the majority will come in later summer/early fall. The blueberries have almost been fully eaten by my constant berry-grazing children! And the strawberries are still producing, which is fun. The dwarf pear tree and cherry tree back there seem to be doing well in their first season and I even have one beautiful pear on the pear tree!


The elephant garlic is losing color and drying up so i will probably be digging it up to harvest the heads very soon. I know that elephant garlic is considered perennial, but I’m not sure that I want to dedicate this much garden space to it permanently, so I may dig it all out at once and plant something else back there next year (or this fall). The asparagus ferns in the back left continue to hang in there, so I may give them another year still. We’ll see.


This garden bed is my absolute favorite and most beautiful one this year BY FAR. I just LOVE the look of those healthy corn stalks back there! Yes, I know they are too close together, but i never thinned them out and I am thinking of them as more decorative than truly something that will produce oodles and oodles of corn. The various squashes in front are happy and healthy, too. The container to the left of the bed has the scarlet runner beans and they seem to be doing well, too.


Happy Meyer Lemon tree in the front here. Do you see all the green lemons growing? I’m telling you, these things are so much fun to grow! IMG_0511

You will see the teepee of bamboo i had put up is now gone. This happened when I realized that I had accidentally planted BUSH green beans there rather than POLE green beans, so those green beans were NOT going to be doing any climbing up those poles! 🙂 Oh well! They are still doing well and the nasturtiums in the middle there are happy to be in there, too.


Happy tomato plants and some basil in this bed. My zucchini in the back is an utter failure this year… Unhealthy plant to start with, I think, because it has gotten powdery mildew quickly and I’m having a hard time eradicating it. I may end up pulling the plant. There are a few peppers in the back but they aren’t doing much, either. Oh well, hurray for the tomato & basil extravaganza up front at least! IMG_0507

Just some flowers from another section…IMG_0512

And more flowers… The hummingbirds LOVE the red bee balm and the yellow “red hot poker” on the left. It’s fun to spot them out there buzzing around.IMG_0514

Front porch pretties.IMG_0515

So that’s that for now! It has been a busy summer with lots of travels, so I’m just happy most things are still alive and kicking. Happy gardening to you!


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