June in the Garden

While I’m running behind as usual on several other posts, i thought I would throw up a few pictures taken quickly with my iphone so that at least I’ll be able to remember what the veggies looked like in June! 🙂

First things first… I pulled my sugar snap peas after enjoying a huge crop from them. They had outgrown the support system i gave them and were taking over the whole bed, so they had to go. They don’t like hot weather too much anyway. I may plant more in the fall but for now I’m on the hunt for some warm weather crop to put in their spot in the back. I also will be replacing the lettuce here soon but will leave the beets and onions be for now.


Corn is looking great but needs to be thinned. I’m thinking the whole “knee high by the 4th of July” phrase will ring true here! The squashes in here look good, too.


The scarlet runner beans came up nicely and should start climbing up the trellis soon.


The green beans are doing well and I can’t wait to see them start climbing, too! The nasturtiums I threw in the middle are coming up and it will be fun to hopefully see them bloom. 11419989_10102035381915236_1819999741_n

I added a basil plant between my two tomatoes (they are supposed to be great companion plants) and I already used the basil for two meals. It is so so good fresh! My peppers aren’t looking so hot back there and my zucchini looks all right. I bought my starts at a local department store this year and while it was convenient that day, I’m not extremely happy so far with the results vs some other starts I have purchased from spendier nurseries in the past.11421439_10102035382049966_289319726_n

The elephant garlic is crazy. That’s all I can say. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, as this is my first year growing it. It looks cool, but supposedly is a perennial, so I’m just not sure how i go about harvesting… Do I just pull a portion of the heads and leave others in the ground? I’ll research it when i get a chance. 11428585_10102035382069926_67992451_n

Liz Lemon the Meyer Lemon tree has some baby lemons growing! Do you see any? Look at the bottom middle of the screen and there are some green little guys there. I LOVE growing Meyer lemons!! So much fun!


Berries for days. The kids are regularly snagging strawberries, blueberries and raspberries from this row.


Foxgloves are looking dainty and lovely as usual (BUT POISONOUS!!!!).


Pretty daylilies and something-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of.


The spirae are blooming their pretty pink blossoms up front and one or two shasta daisies are peaking through as well.


In gardening FAILURE news, I had a huge chunk of shasta daisies get too floppy and fall over in another part of my yard, crushing several delicate plants below. I was bummed because the clump really filled in a big section of my sunniest garden area and was looking good. Oh well, I love the process of learning to garden – every year I learn new things that will give me a better garden in the future. The garden is never complete! 🙂 Happy gardening to you & yours!


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