May in the Garden

Well, today is Mother’s Day and I feel like the gardening season is truly kicking off! I finally got my warm-weather veggies into the raised beds this weekend and it’s full speed from here! I snapped a picture of some of my sweet violas in the front. Aren’t they cheery? IMG_4356

My newest planted little shadey patch in the far corner of the yard is starting to see some growth. The baby azalea plants are doing well, and the hostas, astilbe plants and 3 of the 4 ferns have popped through the dirt. I cannot WAIT to see the elephant ear (colocasia) come through once things warm up even more.


The side view of all of our newly-planted veggie beds. On the far left, I have a little container  teepee of newly planted scarlet runner beans as well as some black-eyed susan vine that I’m hoping will intertwine with the beans. Oh and in case you’re wondering, the plastic utensils you will see in these beds are to keep the cats away… It really does work pretty well.


The first bed from the left is planted with corn in the back and two winter squashes and two baby pumpkins in front. This bed is going to be crazy, sprawling and full of vines before long, but I love having vines all over the place. IMG_4352

The elephant garlic has taken over and is in there so heavy that I’m realizing it’s going to take an industrial shovel to dig those heads out eventually haha 🙂 Poor little asparagus ferns in the back are being overshadowed. I seem destined to fail those 3 poor asparagus crowns. I just ALWAYS put them in the wrong spot…


Cool-weather bed is doing well with the sugar snap peas, beets, lettuce and onions.


We harvested the lettuce that was in this bed previously and now it is filled with two tomato plants, 3 pepper plants, and a zucchini.IMG_4349

Pole green bean teepee. I love growing at least one teepee each year because the green beans are good for the soil and it looks cool, too.


The berry patch is doing well. The cherry and pear trees look healthy, the grape vine is newly pruned but doing well, lots of berries on our blueberry bushes, the raspberries are trying to take over the world, and our strawberry beds are doing great. The newest strawberry bed won’t produce too much this year but the older one next to it has already given us a handful of ripe berries and is full of non-ripe berries right now. Good times ahead! IMG_4347

One of my giant allium bulbs. Aren’t they pretty?IMG_4346

Some lily in the valley that a friend gave me. Love those tiny little flowers. They are so delicate! IMG_4343

My red yarrow has really filled in this year and in the middle of the flowers is one of my peony blooms about to blossom. I cannot WAIT to see all my new peony bushes bloom this year. A gardening friend gave me a whole bunch of them and I didn’t expect to see them bloom at all this first year but I have seen about 8 or so potential blooms. So exciting! IMG_4338

This clematis is just blooming like crazy these days.IMG_4336

And just because she is adorable, here is Lauren. She was out on her bike riding around while I took these pictures today. 🙂


Happy Gardening, friends! Enjoy the season ahead and grow something. I promise, you’ll like it 😉


3 thoughts on “May in the Garden

  1. Holly was just telling me your saying with plants: first year it sleeps, second it creeps, third it leaps. Fun to see it all leaping, and I love the “just because she’s adorable” photo!

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