Nolan Turns 2

Well, i’m a few months late in posting about Nolan’s 2nd birthday, but that’s the story of my blog so… 🙂 Anyway, Nolan turned 2 back in November and had a big cousin and grandparent party! He had a grand old time and loved all the attention.








What I want to remember about Nolan at this age:

– He wants snacks ALL. THE. TIME. The kid is a huge eater! He always stays on the slim side on the growth charts, but he definitely eats more than any of his siblings did at this age 🙂
– He is talking more and more although a lot of it is still in “Nolan-ese” that only parents understand. He is able to tell us what he needs and wants which is a huge help.
– Nolan STILL falls asleep almost every church service in my arms, so he is rarely in the nursery. Something about worship music just lulls him right to sleep.
– Nolan is obsessed with Dora & Friends (the older Dora show) and loves to sing along to bits of the songs. I have a sneaky suspicion that he has some musical talent in there, because I notice he’s always bopping his head right to the beat.
– He loves puzzles lately. He got a little fishing rod puzzle for Christmas and it was one of his favorite toys.
– He has a budding little sense of humor. Sometimes he cracks us up lately with his goofy expressions and comedic timing. I cannot WAIT to see his personality develop more and more over this next year.

Nolan is a great little brother and loves to be with his brother and sister whenever he can. He’s always very happy to go pick up Liam from school and runs and yells, “Dada!!!!” whenever David comes home in the evenings. We are so thankful that he is ours!


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