Trip to the farm

…and one more catchup post here! We had a wonderful time recently going to a local farm with Gramma and Grampa! Liam had the day off from school, so they treated us to breakfast first and even paid for us to go on the cow train while we were there (pictures to follow below). I love the fall here in Oregon and it was a lovely, sunny day when we went.


The kids and grandparents fed the eager goats (always a favorite) and didn’t get any goat nips this year, which always makes for a happier time 🙂



And we went on a cow train ride! This was my first time doing it. Lauren was the bravest of the bunch and still says she wants to go again. Liam said he had a “jiggly stomach” for awhile afterwards, haha! It was very fast and up and down lots of hills! Nolan sat on my lap and loved every moment of the ride.




After the train, we spent some time at their playground before going to get some fresh produce inside.




All in all, it was a great morning and we had a fantastic time! Thanks, Gramma & Grampa!


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