Trip to North Carolina

Now that I’m catching up on blog posts, I wanted to recap the wonderful trip that Nolan and I took at the end of summer (right before school started). We flew from Eugene to Wilmington, North Carolina to visit with my brother and his lovely wife and to help get them ready for the arrival of their little boy twins.

It all started EARLY in the morning at the Eugene airport, where our first flight of three got cancelled because of a mechanical failure (ack!) on the plane. I speed dialed Alaska Airlines immediately and we were fortune to catch one of the last spots on the next flight out. They rebooked our big Portland to Atlanta flight, too, but we were able to keep our final leg into Wilmington. It was a LONG day of travel but Nolan was really a champ! I knew I was in the south when I walked into the Wilmington airport and saw rocking chairs all over the place 🙂


And then we arrived and it was TOTALLY worth it, if only to see Nolan give his two little cousins a little pat in utero haha! He loved spending time with Auntie Char!


The next day we ran out and bought some groceries and began our “work” of buying and ordering last-minute baby items. Over the next few days we made freezer meals, painted furniture, washed their baby clothes, and did lots of other baby-related stuff. It was so much fun! Nolan was a real champ through the whole time.


John & Char took us down to see the farmer’s market and we got coffee first at this local coffee house. I love coffee and I love checking out local places so this was a lot of fun. Love my little bro, too!

photo 2

While we were there we were able to make it to Wrightsville Beach twice, too! We went once in the evening and stayed for just a little bit and another time in the morning for a few hours on Labor Day. It is really a lovely beach and the water was SO warm! Wilmington is a unique town because it has more of a beach-town feel than a true southern feel. Cool town.


Here’s Nolan and I on the beach that first evening we were there. He LOVED it!


He thought the sand was so fun to play in… and eat! YUCK!


One more at the beach.

photo 5

We were SO thankful to get to spend this time over there with them before the boys arrived! It was wonderful to see where they live and meet some of their friends. We flew back on Wednesday, September 3rd and something else special happened on this day…



I was sad to miss it but we got back that evening and heard all about it. David did an amazing job of caring for the other two while we were gone – 6 days in all!

Since we have been back, the twin boys have arrived and are simply divine! We look forward to meeting them in person sometime over this next year and can’t wait to snuggle them. 🙂


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