Lauren turns 4


I’m a little overdue to mention that our sweet girlie turned 4 back in September! We celebrated on her actual birthday and then the following weekend with family. She loved all her presents and proudly wore her tiara.

Lauren will be in preschool next year and kindergarten the year after that, so I am enjoying my last year with her at home with me full time. She is such a wonderful helper and has a hilarious sense of humor. Her favorite foods are grapes, raspberries, and anything carb-y. 😉 She still takes joy in picking out multiple outfits each day and can often be found holed away upstairs playing with her doll house or her babies but also enjoys a good ninja fight with her brother haha! She is our most demanding breakfast eater and has her dad wrapped around her finger – he fixes her fancy breakfasts almost every day of the week! She taught herself how to write her own name the other day and shows a lot of interest in wanting to learn letters, numbers, etc. so we are going to start working on that some at home. Lauren zips around on her balance bike like nobody’s business and loves to shop – for ANYTHING. She is my constant companion on the weekends, whether it be to a plant nursery or Costco. She prays out loud DAILY for a baby sister (oy vey… This mama is TIRED!)

I can’t wait to watch you grow this year, Lauren! You are a true delight and we adore you!






One thought on “Lauren turns 4

  1. And the little sweetie called me on FaceTime yesterday! I assumed Dad or Mom had helped her. But oh no, she did it all by herself, and we had a nice, mature conversation for several minutes. What a girl!

    Love, Grandpa Jim

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