August in the Garden 2014

 Officially August and my plants are officially dry and tired! But there have still been some new blooms in the last week or two that I’m enjoying. The first of which are these lovely little sunflowers! Do you see the little peppers in front of them down below? We’ve already eaten a few peppers this season and they were scrumptious.        IMG_4139

I seriously LOVE crocosmia (also known as Lucifer). This is the first year for this specific plant so it is just now gathering up steam and starting to flower. So, so lovely. I have a few others around the garden but so far this one is blooming earliest.


Hostas are becoming more and more lovely to me! I love the light purple flowers on this one, and it is actually thriving in a place that has dry shade where other plants are NOT doing well. I think i may have to start collecting some more hostas for this spot!





My rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan) is another one that is thriving in the August weather. I love these hardy plants (along with the hardy geranium next to it). I am hoping to break off a few clumps from these plants in the fall to hopefully create some new plants in spring 🙂


On to the edibles! My main veggie beds are doing well, as you can see. I’ve had to keep on top of the powdery mildew on all my squash plants but doing a lot of thinning out for air circulation and immediately cutting out any leaves that look diseased. Still, things seem to be going well. We’ve been enjoying acorn squash, zucchini, green beans, peppers, onions, and more these days.

IMG_4136 IMG_4135

We have so many baby pumpkins growing right now!!! Fall is my favorite season so I can’t wait to decorate our porch and house with them 🙂 IMG_4138Strawberries have finally been coming on like crazy! This is their first year and they are an everbearing variety, but they didn’t bear too many strawberries in the early summer. Now, all of a sudden, we seem to have a handful or more a day from this little box! Strawberries are so much fun to grow – so simple and so much deliciousness.

IMG_4144Not much to show here other than that I’m getting some tomatoes from the 5-gallon bucket tomato plants against the fence, plus got our first lemon cucumber this week (also in a container back against the fence). Our grapes are getting close to being ripe I think, and we have had a whole new bunch of raspberries ripening up the last few weeks! Yesterday, I sprayed them quickly to get the bees off (they LOVE my raspberries right now) and quickly picked a pint of them. They were SO good!IMG_4145

Final view of the fruit trees and some perennials. We had one plum from our plum tree’s first full year and three gravenstein apples which the kids enjoyed the other day.IMG_4142


All in all, it has been a good gardening season so far. I am looking forward to the end-of-season plant clearance so I can load up with more perennials for next year.

Happy Gardening!


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