July in the Garden

July is here and my garden is drier but so much bigger! I’m really having to keep on top of the watering with these 90+ degree days we’ve been having lately. When i look back at my post a month ago, I can’t believe how much bigger everything is! I’m starting to enjoy more of our harvest in the raised beds, too – recently, we have picked green beans, onion, garlic, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, patty pan squash, lettuce and zucchini. Gardening is so amazing! How can little seeds or starts turn into all this bounty? God is amazing πŸ™‚

First things first – the raised beds:


I just transplanted some more nasturtiums into the little hanging basket so they are looking a bit pitiful but will hopefully perk up πŸ™‚ The ones in the pail have been flowering a ton! Makes me think of mom so much, but hers that she grew in Alaska were so much healthier looking (they LOVE that Alaskan summer climate).


Yesterday, I picked 2 bags full of green beans from the bean teepee! They were SO delicious steamed at dinner. Almost tasted like they were covered in butter but in reality it was just their own fresh deliciousness. I can’t remember the name of the beans in there but they are a flat, long green bean (along with a few extra scarlet runner beans in the back – you can see them with their scarlet red flowers!).


The squash plants are out of control! We’re getting a ton of patty pan squash and zucchini plus I see lots of acorn squash that will be ready to harvest later this summer. With squash, it’s crazy how they seem to literally just appear overnight!


My Jack Be Little pumpkins are really taking off now and are covered with flowers (soon to be baby pumpkins!). i also planted some climbing green beans on the trellis where we had snap peas earlier in the year. They are a few inches tall right now. You can see there are still a few broccoli plants in there, but I’m not expecting much since they got covered by the snap peas earlier in the season and now it’s pretty hot for them.


The berry patch. Lots of new strawberries finally growing again on our everbearing strawberry plants and we’ve been picking lots of blueberries, too. The raspberries haven’t been too plentiful but I’m seeing some more flowers forming so we may have another little harvest coming soon. Oh I also moved the lemon cucumber and two container tomato plants back behind here. They are doing dramatically better back here with more sun.


Do you see all those Meyer lemons on my little container tree? None are yellow yet but they are growing! Some are about golfball size now!


Here’s the garlic we harvested a few days ago. I have it laying out to dry for 2 weeks and then we will store it to eat over the next few months. Yum, I LOVE garlic! It was really easy to grow (my first time) – I just planted it in the fall and harvested it in July!


And now for some flowers!! First off, a little baby plant of a beautiful red yarrow. This is my first time having this stuff and I love it! Doesn’t need much water and really pretty! I’m told it spreads, too, so I’m looking forward to things filling out even more in the garden next year.


My Black-Eyed Susan is about to bloom and has some hardy geranium climbing up it. I LOVE Black-eyed Susan and my mom adored it, too.


Shasta Daisies! These ones have gotten so tall! I love watching them sway in the wind so elegantly.


I call this the “bee bed” because lately it has been positively smothered in bees. The kids know to leave them alone and they won’t bother them. They have obviously been paying attention to my explanations of what bees do, because the other day Lauren ran screeching up to me yelling, “AH! A bee is trying to pollinate me!” Haha!


The little hydrangea that could πŸ™‚ One day years from now, hopefully it will be a big, beautiful plant!


Isn’t this orangey-reddish daylily pretty? Kind of hard to see in the shade, but still pretty. Can you tell I’m not a professional photographer? πŸ™‚


I am so proud of these little guys! I bought three of these little plants at Jerry’s awhile back for $0.50 each. They were on the verge of death and i can’t resist a chance to revive a pitiful plant. Well, to my surprise with some love and sunshine, two out of the three are actually blooming! This is my first time growing blanket flowers and I think I’m gonna love them.


Lauren picked out this pack of seeds and now she is so proud of her little pink poppies growing away under the apple tree! They are so “her” πŸ™‚


These just might be my absolute fav so far this year. A gardening friend of mine gave me these red hot poker plant starts last summer and I LOVE them! What a cool flower!


Bee balm & lemon balm growing happily. Bee balm (the red flowered one) is supposed to be a huge attraction to bees, but so far I haven’t seen one! They happily camp out in the “bee bed” and my veggie beds instead, it seems.


Our new firepit that I recently built with some leftover stone pieces from my Dad. We killed the grass around it and I still haven’t had a chance to buy a nice rubber mulch to put around it, but I will one of these days. We have already enjoyed a few summer evening fires here, roasting some marshmallows.


Thank goodness for this little pool! Yesterday it was so hot that I even got in it with all 3 kids! Haha! It’s just big enough that Lauren can kick around on her pink ring, Liam can practice floating and Nolan and I can hang out in there, too. Or maybe it was just a case of desperate times call for desperate measures πŸ˜‰


And last but not least… this is totally not related to gardening, but Lauren got some new boots and asked me to take a picture, so I’m humoring her πŸ™‚ She loves her new yellow boots! This girl loves to accessorize all right.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! Enjoy the summer πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “July in the Garden

  1. Wow, Kelly, that’s looking amazing! And to think β€” as I was telling Linda β€” that your gardening interests didn’t develop until your young adult years. Great job!

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