June in the Garden

The more I experiment with gardening, the more I realize that I am not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination. 🙂 I try a little of this, a little of that, and I really don’t like to follow a bunch of rules about how you are supposed to match this with that and have this many of this flower and such.

So, learning this about myself, I’ve decided I want to transform my yard into a “cottage garden” style yard over time. Little by little, I’m learning and adding more romantic perennial flowers that will fill all the empty space and add beauty. I’m also very devoted to growing my permanent and annual edibles, so that will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m learning as I go and having a lot of fun doing it!


Baby Meyer Lemons are simply COVERING my Meyer Lemon tree!! She is so happy since I moved her outside for the summer. I have her on the front porch in a side area that gets a ton of sun but still a little protection from harsh wind or rain. I’m hoping that by the time she comes back inside this fall, she will be covered in yellow, ripe citrus for the picking! 🙂 If you have not tried growing a container Meyer Lemon, what are you waiting for? They are so much fun!


True to form, my container on the front porch is already overflowing with sweet potato vines!


My spirae japonica shrubs are flowering their pretty pink flowers right now in the front of the house.



The kids have been busy finding every ripe berry exactly the moment that it ripens 🙂 They don’t last long! Our raspberries are just coming on and we are loving them! Our strawberries haven’t been too impressive so far but they are ever-bearing, so I’m hoping they will do better throughout the summer.


A view of my veggie garden – “Mickey’s Garden”. I probably need to put a new plant in the little hanging basket Lauren made… The nasturtiums below the sign are really going crazy! Can’t wait til they start flowering.


My green bean teepee is starting to get covered in the bean vines! So fun to watch! I realize my teepee is probably a little too short to really maximize green bean production from these pole beans, but oh well, we’ll see what we get! This bed is also currently underplanted with buttercrunch lettuce and some radishes that need to be harvested.


In this next bed, we have patty pan squash, acorn squash, some beginning asparagus ferns (that are getting covered by the squash already… whoops) and something else growing from seed in the front right corner. This bed has changed a lot from my original plan and next year will be converted to a bed soley growing asparagus, because asparagus is a perennial veggie that comes back year after year and needs the same site. It also takes up a lot of room, which I am not giving it this year. Whoops. Oh well, at least it gets sun here, because in the original place I planted it, it was WAY too shady.


Next, we have two zucchini plants, four pepper plants, nasturtiums, radishes, and some smaller sunflowers in the back right corner. I am anticipating this bed to be one of my absolute favorites once the flowers are in full bloom!


And next is my pitiful cool-weather bed. I just pulled out all the sugar snap peas that finished producing. They were lovely and delicious and we ate every single one of them with joy 🙂 The kids LOVED them this year, which was a lot of fun. I will probably plant some again at the end of summer for a fall harvest. Additionally, I have some beets and broccoli that were much-too-covered by the snap peas, some lettuce, and lots of onions. I just planted a bunch of pole green beans to fill the space where the snap peas were. I realize that this year i am unintentionally breaking lots of rules of companion planting, such as NOT PLANTING LEGUMES (ie peas or beans) WITH ONIONS! Haha! Oh well. 🙂 I live and learn and it’s all part of the process of learning to garden.


My three Jack-Be-Little pumpkin plants and some newly-planted bush green bean seedlings. These ones don’t climb so they should be great for this space.


Haha, my ghetto back patio. Right now, it is full of kids’ toys, two sleds, and my lemon cucumber and two tomatoes. One of the tomatoes is doing great and another is looking shriveled and pitiful. I added some all-natural fertilizer so we will see if that helps. My suspicion is that this area isn’t quite sunny enough for optimal tomato production, but since i’m the only one who eats tomatoes in the family, I didn’t want to use up prime real estate in my sunniest raised beds. I can always move these containers to a sunnier spot in the garden if need be down the road.


One of our blueberry bushes positively falling over with the weight of all the berries! We are starting to get some ripe berries from some of our early-season berry bushes but the majority is still to come.


Soon this long stretch of my garden will be filled with flowering perennials! Can’t wait for the height of summer! I recently bought a ton of reduced-price flowering perennials at Jerry’s for $0.50 each so I added a TON of these to this stretch. However, they probably won’t do much this year besides develop roots, but next year I’m hopeful they will add lots of wonderful color.


My first daylily to start blooming. These plants are just so easy and always do a great job adding color and beauty.


Foxgloves! Pretty little things and classic cottage garden element. I have four right now and they tend to self-seed, so I’m anticipating they will appear everywhere next year 🙂


Just another view. Things are so ready to start blooming! My shasta daisies are just on the verge!


My black-eyed susan and shasta daisies are days away from blooming like crazy for a LONG time. I can’t wait! I also have some newly-added canna lilies, asiatic lilies, and yarrow added to this bed very recently. Next year will be this bed’s year of glory!


Lilies, geranium, yarrow, and some kind of flowering white plant.


And last but not least, my gardening friend gave me this lovely Autumn Joy Sedum from her garden recently and although it doesn’t look like much, it is going to be amazing in the fall and in the future. These plants are amazing and I’ve wanted one for some time. I was so appreciative of her gift! I also broke off a few pieces and started them in other parts of the garden, so hopefully I will have quite a few of these plants in years to come!!

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully, I didn’t bore you to tears. I like documenting these things so that I can look back and see what plants were doing what each year.


2 thoughts on “June in the Garden

  1. Master Gardener in the making! Good for you for taking the time to create beauty, which will be a lasting legacy for those precious little ones. So impressed w/ the diversity of flowers/veggies, and can’t wait to see the cottage garden emerge. love gpop

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