May 2014 in the garden

For my own enjoyment, I like looking back at how things were growing at each part of the season, so here are some things growing in my garden and landscape this year. I really enjoy mixing edibles into my main landscaping as well, so each year I’ll probably do more of that! This winter, I spent a lot of time reading various library books on gardening, permaculture, and edible landscaping, so it has given me some really fun ideas for the months and years ahead!

Lauren in front of my purple clematic. It has grown tremendously in its second year of growth and I am LOVING those lovely blossoms!


The five main raised beds as they are right now. A few starts are in there as well as lots of seeds that have finally been planted now that it’s warm enough. Things should be sprouting like crazy with the warm weather up ahead this week! I have a green bean teepee in the first bed with lettuce & radish growing underneath for now. The 2nd box from the left is where I transplanted my asparagus crowns that weren’t doing well in another spot because it wasn’t sunny enough. We’ll see what they do this year because it was late in the season to move them. Asparagus takes a few years to get really going anyway. I also have a watermelon, patty pan squash and acorn squash planted in this bed. I always overplant but I can’t help myself – I love seeing the beautiful vines sprawling everywhere! I know I could grow them up in a trellis but I just love the look of the vines on the ground. The middle raised bed has sweet bell peppers and zucchini plants, and i think I planted some nasturtiums at the front of the bed, but I can’t remember (I always start out so organized with my charts and such and then get overzealous and throw in extra seeds here and there, hehe!). The 4th bed down has snap peas growing up a bamboo & string trellis plus some broccoli, beets, lettuce, and onions. This was my early-planted bed for the cooler weather so it has a big head start with its cool-weather-loving crops. The final bed in the far distance has Jack-Be-Little mini pumpkin plants and I still need to add something else in the 1/4 section of the bed that is vacant.

I also added a memorial sign to my mom at the front of the beds that says “Mickey’s Garden”. We had this sign made soon after my mom died and it has migrated its way over to my house now! I am happy to have it and honor my mom with this year’s garden. Below the sign, I have a bucket of nasturtiums planted and i can’t wait to watch them overflow in her honor – nasturtiums were her favorite flower!


This is my sunniest & will be my most colorful bed in the side yard. Lots of summer flowers to come here! I also planted three climbing things in the back that will be adding color & height this year – one trellis of morning glories and two small teepees for scarlet runner beans to climb. This is my first year growing either, so I’m excited! Scarlet Runner Beans are edible as green beans when they are small, but they also produce tons of lovely red flowers.


A hosta I bought last year. Looks like the slugs may be enjoying it, too… Blergh.


I just planted these three small Lady’s Mantle plants. They will get bigger and send out lots of those sweet yellow flowers. They are so cool with their leaves though – they capture dew and rain in the most amazingly beautiful way! This is a new plant for me as well.


Part of the back fence view. My fruit trees (plus the pear which is back behind where I’m standing) and lots of perennials getting ready to flower in the months ahead.


A spot near my “berry patch” where I have garlic (planted last fall), lemon balm and bee balm. The bee balm will have awesome red flowers this summer. I also added a new hosta baby plant in front of this section but you can hardly see it yet 🙂


The berry patch! You might notice we cut down the old plum tree that was here before. The problem was, it was pushing over that back fence (you can see the stump left there) and also giving too much shade to my berry patch. I would really like to install a big grape arbor in its place along this same area and plant more grape vines, but I’m not certain if that will happen this season or not. We shall see! Anyway, from left we have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and a grape vine at the very end. The raspberries have gone gangbusters this year so I’m hoping we will have a huge crop!


I planted this grape vine last year but didn’t really plan a strong enough support system for it (right now it’s just wired to the fence, so imagine my surprise when I was looking closer at it yesterday and saw tons of tiny grape clusters already growing! I thought it took several years to see any grapes on a grape vine!! I am so excited to watch these grow! I’m trying to think if there is some more support I can add to this little section over here, but I’ll figure it out.



Another view of the back of the house from standing by where the grape vine is growing. I haven’t planted anything back against the house there yet since it’s not the biggest priority when starting from ground zero as we did last year. I would love to plant hydrangeas against the back of the house at some point, though! Oh, and also where you can see the patio off in the distance with the BBQ, I have three container plants growing – two tomato and one lemon cucumber. We’ll see how they do. It’s my first year growing anything back there but it actually gets a good amount of sun!


A closeup of my mom’s sign and its new home.


A new container planter I put together the other day for the front porch. I can’t wait to watch the sweet potato vines in the front spill over!


My peppermint & spearmint plants, also on the front porch. We are LOVING making mint water and hot mint tea with the leaves! Delish!

Well, that’s all for now! Oh, I am excited about the months ahead! It will be fun to watch things grow!


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