Time for an update!! It’s already spring here and life is so busy as usual! Here are a few of the things we have been up to…

Liam did his first 5-week basketball camp and loved it!! It was just kindergarten and first graders and it was very low pressure which made it fun. They taught them all the basic skills and he has been practicing his dribbling ever since! Here’s a few pictures a friend took for me at one of his camp days.




Little Miss Lauren also took a ballet class recently! It was her first time doing something just for her and she LOVED IT!! The teacher was great and it was so much fun to watch our girl shine. She had a mini recital recently on the last day and here are a few pictures from that (thanks, G’pop!).





And let us not forget a few Easter pics! We had an awesome Easter this year with a great church service followed by an Easter egg hunt at our church followed by dinner and yet another egg hunt with grandparents later in the day! Liam said, “This is the best Easter of my whole life!” Haha 🙂






And now, a few other non-picture updates as to what the kiddos are up to these days:

LIAM turns 6 in a few weeks and is finishing up his last few months of Kindergarten and it is amazing to see how far he has come this year!!! I am just so proud of him! He has picked up some great social skills and made lots of friends. He is reading early reader books now and starting to develop a love for reading. He is currently obsessed with Star Wars anything, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (still), Angry Birds (still) and anything “boy-ish”. He told me the other day that Lauren and i talk too much about “girl stuff like gardening, unicorns, princesses, and making beautiful stuff” and he wants to talk about “boy stuff like skateboarding, buying comics, watching TV shows, playing basketball”… I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff because we have never talked about unicorns haha! Although Liam is all boy, he is also very full of compassion and mercy for others. Sometimes he will start crying when a sweet commercial or TV show comes on, saying, “It’s just adorable! How sweet!” Oh I love this boy and his tender heart! I always tell him that God made him that way for a reason and that his compassion for others will be used in a great way, of this I am sure!

LAUREN got her first haircut this month (seen in the Easter and ballet pics)! I interviewed Lauren just now about what she is into these days and she says she “loves princesses, mermaids, unicorns, Dora the Explorer, coffee, her teeth, her cups, pictures, gardening and getting books at the library”. Lauren is 3.5 now and asks every day when she gets to go to Kindergarten like brother 🙂 With her September birthday, she will turn 6 right when she enters Kindergarten, so we may put her in preschool a year early to keep her busy. She is such a fun and sweet girl!

NOLAN is 17 months old and starting to think he is a big boy! He is still obsessed with reading and is a very serious boy around most people but still willing to give a fist bump to anyone and everyone. 🙂 He loves to be outside and exploring and is obsessed with anything that makes loud noises – his current favorites being lawnmower, coffee grinder, and vacuum. He makes us vacuum at least once a day so our carpets have never been cleaner hehe! He is starting to sleep a little bit better but still doesn’t make it all night. He is down to usually just one nap a day. Nolan is an adventurous eater and loves just about anything we put before him. He eats more than the older two sometimes!

All in all, I am so thankful to be doing life with God. Fun times ahead with summer coming up and a visit from some of the kiddos best friends Judah and Asha in July!!!! Also exciting has been spending time with our Feeney cousins lately who just moved back from California – hurray for family!!!!


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