Snowmaggedon 2013

Those of you familiar with Oregon know that we don’t get a lot of snow… In fact, our winters are really pretty temperate, so it was so bizarre when we got 8″ of snow and the coldest temperatures since 1972 last month. It got down to -12 at one point! The schools were all closed for a week because the snow wasn’t melting due to the low temps, and we don’t have the equipment that snowy areas have to keep the roads safe. It was awful to try to drive in, so most people were homebound for most of that whole week.

The bummer part of that cold storm was that Oregon homes aren’t really built for those types of temperatures, so there were pipes bursting all over town. We almost made it out unscathed until one day during the storm when I suddenly heard water running while I was in my laundry room. I thought it was my washing machine but it wasn’t running. I quickly stepped out into the garage and saw a big puddle of water throughout the garage coming from where our fire sprinkler control area is. Since we are over 100 feet set back from the main road, the City required that we install fire sprinklers all throughout the inside of our house. Unfortunately, it got so cold that our fully insulated, metal control valve in the garage froze and cracked, spraying water all over the insulation and down into the bottom of the insulated box. Thankfully, I caught it soon after it started, but it was quite the chaotic scene as David & I pulled open the box and tried to turn the system off while the water sprayed us in the face 🙂 It was wrapped in chains and locked up so it took a few minutes to get to the turnoff levers, but finally we got it done. I was terrified that since the control valve was broken, that somehow water was going to start spraying from the ceiling of our house, but thankfully no such thing occurred. Our wonderful contractor Joel who built our house came over that same day and replaced the insulation for us with thicker stuff than before and we finally got the sprinkler control valve replaced last week, too. If we ever get down to crazy temps like that, I guess our poor sprinkler system will get a designated space heater keeping it toasty warm!

Anyway, enough about our little cold temp drama… On to the pics! David took the kids out in the snow the first day after it happened (before the temps got so ridiculously cold). They had a fun time even though I was a little unprepared on the snow gear. They may or may not have been wearing socks on their hands for mittens 😉







Since the snow melted a few weeks ago, I’ve been enjoying our normal more reasonable temps and we’ve finally had a bit of rain this past week, too. I just love living in Oregon!

More to come recapping Christmas soon…


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