Birthdays, school and other cuteness

A lot has happened in the past 5 weeks or so since I wrote! People told me that once your kids start school, that life takes on a whole different level of BUSY, but I have to say I didn’t realize just how busy it would be! Between constant shuttling around for school, soccer, and other things, the days of having a low-key day at home are just about nonexistent. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, and I guess that is why people love summer break so much!

So, Lauren turned 3 last month! We had a family party and she loved having her turn to be the center of attention (what middle child doesn’t?!). I made her a super yummy Dora cake and she loved it. She got some fun new toys and you can see in the pictures she is giving her brother a “checkup” with her new Doc McStuffins kit. (thanks to my father-in-law for these birthday pictures)






We had Lauren’s party the weekend before her actual birthday, because on her actual birthday… LIAM had his first day of school! Here’s a few pictures from the moments before and on the walk over. This school is just a few blocks from our house, so it was very convenient. Yes, you heard me – WAS convenient. I’ll explain more in a moment.



So, exactly one week into the school year, I got a phone call from another school letting me know that a spot had opened up at one of the local language immersion schools! We had applied to get in there through the annual lottery system, but Liam was 40th on the waiting list initially. We enrolled him as soon as we got the phone call and I love that he has the opportunity to learn a new language while also learning the same school stuff that any other kid would be learning. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to practice my Spanish and it is really great being able to talk to Liam about Spanish language stuff now. Anyway, he adjusted very quickly and is really enjoying his new school. The only downside to the new situation is having to drive him both ways, but it’s only a few miles from our house at least. Here is a picture of Liam running in his school’s jogathon a week or so ago (and Lauren cheering him on).


We’ve also been busy going to lots of soccer practices and soccer games in Liam’s first team sport. That season ends this weekend and I’ll be glad to slow things down a little bit around here. It’s easy to get too overscheduled in today’s day and age! But don’t worry, we’re still doing the important things, like… Carrying our little brothers around and…


… looking ridiculously cute for a sibling picture 🙂


OH and I did I mention Nolan turns ONE YEAR OLD next month?! Ack! Where does the time go? I’ll leave you with one last picture – my fall gardening goings-on. I planted some more seeds in a few beds in late summer so that we could extend our growing season, and we currently have the following things growing: broccoli, nasturtiums, mums, beets, carrots, garlic (for next year), lettuce, swiss chard, kale, basil, snap peas, and a few things that I’m forgetting. This is my first time doing a later planting like this and it has been fun to watch! I like having new growth to look at this late in the season.

fall garden


2 thoughts on “Birthdays, school and other cuteness

  1. Kelly, These are indeed such happy days. Your post brought fun memories of my days carpooling for school, sports, running the little ones to the library reading hour, planting, baking and such. What a blessing to be a home mama! Your children are so beautiful!

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