End of summer

Well, time for another massive update! 🙂 Summer is rolling to a close here and Liam starts school for the first time next week! I cannot believe that my little first baby will be heading off into this great big world on his own for a few hours a day. Oy, I get a little emotional just thinking about it…

THANKFULLY, we had lots of good practice this summer with sending Liam to different camps and activities. One of his favorites was Safety Town! For two weeks, the kids met for 2.5 hours with police officers and camp counselors (all of whom were AWESOME!) and they taught the kiddos about being safe in the real world (ie. crossing streets, staying away from predators, dialing 9-1-1, etc). Liam had the time of his life and made two good buddies quickly for the two week time, so that was fun to see. Here’s a few pics from his graduation day. Haha, don’t let his somber expression fool you – he was a little nervous onstage but was SUPER excited about it afterwards 🙂




Lauren has had a great summer, too. She turns 3 next week and it almost seems like she should be turning 4 with how verbal and mature she is for her age. We have LOVED watching her sense of humor develop more this summer. She likes to make goofy faces, dance around like a silly girl, and always cares tenderly for her little brother. Lauren is always the first person to hear him wake up from nap on the monitor and she sprints up to his room to greet him. She is definitely an introvert and comes across as very shy at first when we are out in public, but once she is comfortable and/or around people she knows well, she lets her silly shine through! She has already been telling me that she is going to cry when Liam is in school next week “cuz I gonna miss him.” We are so thankful for our sweet girl!




And Nolan… He is our little bundle of activity and keeps me running after him ALL DAY LONG! I had to put up a gate at the bottom of the stairs when he started crawling all the way up silently (at 8 months) and he took his first few steps the same month! Now at 9.5 months old, he is taking 5 or more steps at a time quite frequently and is well on his way to being a walkin’ boy! He crawls super fast, is down to two naps a day (usually), still wakes up a few times at night (especially when teething!) and he is in constant motion. His little personality is developing and he loves to smile and laugh but also loves to be cranky when he doesn’t get to do what he wants 🙂 He had his first haircut the other day and has started looking more like a little boy ever since then. He is thinning out and instead of being in the 80+% for weight is down to about 50th%.




This spring and summer were a lot of work with getting our landscaping in little by little. I’m still not close to done, but I’ve been buying plants here and there and adding on bit by bit. This past week, a lovely lady in her 70s let me come by and take divisions off about 20 of her perennials, so that was a huge blessing and a lot of fun to meet her, too. She was a true gardener and had the most amazing yard and different garden areas around her property. Here’s a few pictures of things that we have planted this summer.


The Emperor Japanese Maple tree we planted in the front yard. It should grow to be about 15′ tall eventually.


My Mother’s Day hydrangea. This is all new foliage since I planted it and I can’t wait to watch it grow over the next few years! I LOVE hydrangeas!


Alone the back of our fence – plum tree, two gravenstein apple trees, black eyed susan, bee balm, and a large variety of other shrubs and such. Pay no attention to the grass… We need to buy an edger 🙂


In the left of this picture up against the fence is a big plum tree that was here already when we moved in. In the spring it has the LOVELIEST white blooms for about a week. Also in this picture is my “berry patch” with blueberries on the left, then raspberries and a grape plant at the very end. Oh and you can also see another raised bed I added on the end there that i started some fall veggies in. They are about 6″ taller now than they were in that picture!


The same raspberries and grape plant i mentioned. This year I just had a basic trellis system with two t-posts and two strings of wire running in between, which will work fine for the raspberries, but I’d like to add an arbor of some kind for the grape to climb onto next year. I have all winter to think about it!


My raised beds in mid-August, after I pulled out two HUGE zucchini plants that were succumbing to powdery mildew as well as two other squash plants that were nearby. Right now it looks a little different than this because now I have pulled out all the winter squash plants except for the pumpkins in the far right bed and I have planted some more fall crops in the two middle raised beds (ie. beets, carrots, lettuce, broccoli). This is my first time trying for a fall harvest, so we’ll see how it goes!


These sunflowers were worth the wait!!! I love them!


One of our two bigger pumpkins growing right now. It will turn a dark red color and I am so excited to see that happen!

That’s all for now! Happy fall to you all!


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