Get poopsies®!

I had an awesome opportunity to sample a new product recently called poopsies®. A longtime family friend of ours has started her own rapidly growing business and her product is something that is something every new mom needs!

poopsies® look like a regular onesie, but they actually have a waterproof lining along the backside that contains any poopy blowouts that your baby might have! No longer do you have to worry about your baby ruining other pieces of their clothing or (even worse) getting poop all over you while you’re out in public.

The fabrics are satiny soft and nice and stretchy, which was great because Nolan was able to fit in a size 3-6 months even though he was out of that size in other clothing.

(Nolan in his poopsies®)

The timing of trying out this poopsies® could not have been better. It arrived in the mail just a day before our Alaska trip, so I threw it in the suitcase and figured we’d give it a try there. Little did I know that my baby would end up being horribly constipated while we were on the trip. But the beauty of this product is that I could put Nolan in the onesie while we waited for “the big one” to happen and I didn’t have to worry about ruining other clothing while traveling or getting poop on David or myself while we were at the wedding or several other family reunion events. When he finally did have a blowout, the poopsies® did a great job of keeping it contained and i didn’t even realize it was a blowout until I pulled the shirt up. Amazing!

Check out their website at and you will see they have an adorable variety of designs. These make an AWESOME gift for a baby shower, too!

P.S. I’m just writing this review because I like the product. I am not being compensated. 🙂


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