Alaska Wedding

I have a few other posts I need to get up here as I am several months behind now, but for now I wanted to document the AMAZING trip we took last month to Alaska for my sister’s wedding!!! A bunch of my family rented a big 5 bedroom house in Anchorage while we were there and it was so nice because it gave us all so much more time to visit and the cousins got to all play together. Plus, it was a great meeting place for other relatives who were in town for the wedding. Oh and it was right across the street from the Alaska Zoo so we made a trip over there one of the days. I’ll add some of those pictures another time because they are on David’s phone and he is at work right now 🙂 Here’s a few pics from our time at the “big house”, as my kids started calling it. P.S. Thanks to David and many relatives for sharing these photos with me!!





Now of course there was Mar & Jonathan’s wedding – our main reason for being there! We got ready at “the big house” with Mar and all the bridesmaids and then headed over to the church. The decorations were very outdoorsy and Alaskan, with lots of birch trees and beautiful lighting and antlers and such. Very “Mar” and it was just lovely. Here’s a slew of pictures from the big day!














It was very sentimental and meaningful seeing my little sis get married in Alaska, the state my mom spent about half of her life in and the place that she called “home” most in the world. I caught myself getting teary-eyed many times throughout the trip, and not necessarily at the times you would expect. When I walked into the Fred Meyer there at the beginning of the trip, an overwhelming sense of sadness overcame me as I remembered shopping there in 2008 with my Mom when we visited her & Dad there. Liam was 6 months old at the time and now here I was 5 years later without my mom alive and now my 3rd child is 6 months old. It’s amazing how fast time goes, especially when I put it in comparison to how long my mom has been gone. Anyway, it was very special getting to spend time with my mom’s brothers and their families, too. They remind me so much of her and it was really precious time. Here’s a few scenic pictures from the trip, too. OH and did I mention it SNOWED IN MAY?! 🙂







I’ll work on another post soon to catch up on what we have been up to at the house the past few months. So many changes – loads and loads and loads of bark mulch, two weeks of watering grass seed that failed which led to us buying pallets and pallets of sod, planting raised beds, fruit trees, a berry patch and more. I’ll try to share some pictures soon on all that.

Haha, just for perspective, as I tried to finish this last paragraph, I was sidetracked with a little girl who didn’t make it to the toilet on time (and was trying to clean it up herself, argh) plus a baby boy who had a blowout through the front of his romper (because he was crawling around). My days are definitely crazy around here but I am so, so thankful for the amazing family God has given me!


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