Easter & April

It’s April and we’ve had some fun times in the past few weeks. Here’s a few recent pictures to go with our current happenings. And as I’ve said before, I write this blog mostly for my own family because otherwise I’ll never remember all the fun stages the kids go through so feel free to skip past or roll your eyes if I insert too much proud mama talk haha. 🙂


Lauren continues to be SUCH a good big sister to Nolan! She still kisses him often and will come up to me and say, “Awwwww mom he’s SO cute!!” or she also loves to ask, “When Nolan’s bigger, can he (fill in the blank with any activity a 2-year-old might think is amazing)?” She is very protective of him and the first one to tell me, “DON’T FORGET NOLAN!!!” if we’re heading out somewhere. Sweet girl!


Although Nolan is teething like crazy lately, he is still a true sweetiepie!! He is like my other two kids and not a great sleeper but that’s okay because I don’t know any different since that’s all I’ve ever had! 🙂 I caught him doing his first little army crawl the other day and can’t believe he’s already starting to get mobile. I can’t just plop him on a blanket with toys and trust that he’ll be there indefinitely anymore as he has figured out how to do double rolls off of the blanket as well as spinning in a 360 degree circle haha. He hates his carseat but other than that he really continues to be a pretty low maintenance little guy. He loves watching Liam & Lauren play and smiles whenever Liam does “boy stuff” (ie. loud, goofy noises!) with him.


Liam & Lauren have taken their playing together up about ten notches and are true buddies and playmates these days, including the typical brother/sister fighting that comes with it! ALSO, Liam has some exciting months coming up later this year because he will be starting KINDERGARTEN in September!!! I had originally planned on starting him a year late since he’s almost a summer birthday but David & I really feel like the time is right and he’s ready to head into the world of school. We’ll find out next week whether he got into the spanish immersion school or not. It’s on a lottery system so it’s just pure luck of the draw whether you get in or not, but once one student is in, the other siblings automatically qualify as well! So we’ll see. If he doesn’t get in, he’ll be heading to our neighborhood school that is just down the street from our house, so that would be fun, too. I can’t wait to see him grow and mature in a new situation and I know he’ll do well.


Easter was last Sunday and it was a great service! We had fun dressing up the kids more than usual and took about 10 self-timed pictures before we got to this one. Afterwards we had a nice dinner with family and it was a great day.


Haha, poor Nolan was NOT happy about his outfit nor having to be posed 😉


Here’s Nolan getting some “dad time”. He always perks right up when he hears David’s voice as he comes home from work. Definitely loves his Dad!


And this last picture i have to put just because it’s a funny stage to remember. Lauren CONSTANTLY asks me to take pictures of her hair (especially if it’s braided or in a pony tail) so she can see what it looks like from the back. Here’s today’s example ha!

Well I guess that’s all for now!


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