Much overdue update

Wow, I guess I knew life has been a little busy with having Nolan and then moving, but I didn’t realize it has been almost 2 months since I last posted! I am trying to get over a stomach bug that is on day 3 here. Ugh, I hate feeling sick! It’s especially hard with 3 kids to take care of. I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now, so I’m finally pushing through it and just going to get it out there! So, where to start?

Nolan is two months old now and a true delight. He is our smiliest baby yet and an awesome addition to the family. He rarely cries and as long as he is kept fed and cuddled, he is happy as could be. He is really starting to show interest in his brother and sister, which is fun to watch.





Liam is obsessed with Angry Birds these days. He doesn’t get to play the actual iphone game very often, but he got some fun games at Christmas that let him make his own towers and launch the birds himself. I know kids go through phases of being interested in stuff, but this guy is OBSESSED! He loves his new room at the new house and can’t wait til we have a yard again so he can spend more time playing outside.



Lauren is finally adjusted to the new house and has stopped asking if we can “go home” yet 🙂 Change is pretty hard when you are two! She is a great big sister and still dishes out kisses to Nolan like nobody’s business. After regressing a little bit after the baby and move (predictable, i know), she is a potty training pro these days and hardly has any accidents anymore. So proud of her!


We LOVE our new home. It is finally starting to feel like “ours” as I’ve gotten some window coverings up, boxes put away, and some things on the wall here & there. I am taking a little-by-little approach and not trying to buy everything at once with furnishings, etc. One of my favorite things about living here is all the mature trees around the neighborhood. They are HUGE and will be such nice shade come summer.

That’s all for now! Hoping I feel better tomorrow because I am so tired of feeling sick!


One thought on “Much overdue update

  1. Not sure how I missed this before, but sure glad I found it. Love pictures of kids. Did not know you were sick. Anytime you need that date night, just call us to the rescue.

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