Crunch time

Well we’re down to crunch time here!! I’m 37 weeks and 1 day today, so very officially “full term”. In other words, if my water were to break this minute, Nolan would be plenty ready to get this show on the road 🙂 Lauren arrived only one day before her due date, so I doubt he’ll arrive super early, but I’m prepared!

I set up the Pack N Play earlier this week in our bedroom and the kids were curious and very excited to see Nolan’s little bed. Lauren kept inspecting all of Nolan’s tiny little Newborn diapers (seriously, they are SO tiny!!) and soon ran to her room, grabbed a Pullup (she wears them at sleep times) and ran it back to Nolan’s bed saying, “This one for Nolan!” Below is a pic of them in front of his little space.

Speaking of Nolan, we had an ultrasound last week and here is a picture of his sweet little face looking at us. I was bummed that we weren’t able to get a 3D capture this time, as I’ve had that done with both of my other kids and it really gives a better idea of what they will look like at birth. Oh well, I can still see he is a cutiepie and we LOVE him! Can’t wait to meet him soon.

Well, right in the middle of writing this post, we lost power for about an hour. You forget how much you depend on electricity until you don’t have it! Thankfully it was a short outage and we are back in business.

The past few days (well, weeks and months, really…) I’ve been crossing off many different tasks that needed to get done before we move to our new house. We’ve hired a great property management company so I’m relieved that we won’t have to deal with the logistics of renting out our current house once we leave here. This week I’ve been busy doing some recaulking in bathrooms, taking EVERYTHING off the walls and spackling the nail holes, then painting over them. I am so tired of paint but it does feel good to get a lot of these tasks done ahead of Nolan’s arrival. The worst is over now (besides having to finish packing closer to the actual move) so hopefully that will help.


I got a voicemail on my cell phone the other day and when I went to check it, it told me there was an old message that was about to be deleted. I knew what it was – it’s the last voicemail I have from my mom from over 2.5 years ago. I keep pressing “9” to save it because I love being able to hear her voice. Sometimes I forget what she sounded like so it is always comforting to hear it again. Anyway, although it might be a little weird, I still pressed “9” again and for now I still have Mom’s voice safely kept in my voicemails. I sure miss her.


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