Let the Chaos Begin!

(Me at 33 weeks last week. Just got a haircut there and the gal straightened it for me – a rare treat! It’s back to curly/wavy now…)

I can’t believe we’ve arrived at October already! As of today, my due date is less than 6 weeks away (and that’s if he doesn’t arrive early!) and our new house is moving right along. I don’t think I mentioned this on the blog but yes, we are indeed moving sometime in November or December, depending on when exactly the house is finished. We’ll be renting out our current house and moving about 15 minutes closer to just about everything that we’re involved in (David’s work, shopping, church, our doctors, etc).

I am SO excited about the move as it’ll give us more room with this 3rd baby. At the same time, I find myself feeling sentimental about the home we are leaving. This is the first home David & I ever bought. We brought home two babies from the hospital to this home, we learned how to plant and maintain gardens and a lawn here, we dealt with the hard times after the car accident here… So much has happened here. It’s also hard for me to leave this home because my Mom played a huge part in helping us get set up here (sewing curtain panels together, hanging hooks on the walls, etc) and saying goodbye to this home is just a reminder that she’s not here this time around to help me set up house. At the same time, she lives on in my memories and my heart and moving homes can’t change that.

We’re starting to pack a few things up in boxes here and there and we’ve been starting the process of getting the house ready for renters. We gave our entertainment center away and our TV is now perched on a temporary small stand looking extra awesome, haha. I figured not everyone would share my love for a seafoam green master bedroom so we painted that beige the other day to match the great room and hallway. I’d like to get as much done before baby arrives as possible, because as difficult as it is doing it while huge pregnant, I know from experience I won’t have the time or energy to do it once I’m caring for a newborn.

This pregnancy has sure felt different in the sense that I haven’t been able to prepare a nursery for this baby. If baby comes home from the hospital to this house, he will have a little pack n play and small changing area in our room, plus a drawer in his mom & dad’s dresser 🙂 Once we’re set up at the new house, he will have his own room, but I usually keep my babies sleeping in my room for at least 6 months anyway, so there’s no huge rush. It’s kind of liberating with a third baby, because I know what to expect and I know he will survive without a perfectly set up nursery right away, haha.

Anyway, we’ve got some busy weeks and months ahead, but I’m really excited for it all. Visits from cross-country family members (Boston & Anchorage) will happen at Thanksgiving too, so I’m REALLY looking forward to that! For now, I’m just enjoying my Hot Cider-scented Yankee candle and think I’ll have another cup of tea. I love fall.


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