August Already??

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is August already! These months are just flying by and I am happy to say that this pregnancy is going by SOOO much faster than the other two did. I guess I’m just so busy chasing after the two I already have that I don’t have much time to obsess about what’s going on with the new little guy. His time will come! 🙂

I’m now officially 25 weeks along! Here’s a bad picture I took today. As you can tell, I’ve been pretty neglectful about taking pregnancy pics this time around as well… I think it gets harder to remember each time! Or maybe just harder to find the time (and energy).

It’s been a moderate summer around here and seems a little cooler than normal. Of course, by cooler I mean in the 70’s & 80’s versus the 90’s. This is great in my book! I’m not a huge summer/heat fan so I’m loving being able to leave my windows open all day with a nice breeze without having to turn on the a/c very often. We spend almost every evening out in our back yard after dinner and we are getting our money’s worth out of the kiddie pool and play structure! 🙂

The kids are becoming quite funny little buddies these days and spend their days chasing each other around the house, playing with flashlights in Liam’s play tent, coloring and plenty of other things. It’s fun to see them becoming friends more and more, especially now that Lauren is so much more verbal and communicate a lot with Liam.

A little about Lauren these days: she is becoming an insomniac like Liam. Although not even 2 yet, she can now skip her nap fairly easily if need be. If she DOES take a nap, she stays awake til 9:30 or so at night! Liam was the same way from an early age. It must be genetics, because my kids just don’t need as much sleep as some other kids seem to. Lauren spends a LOT of time coloring and singing and also loves to read books. Her vocabulary astonishes me lately and she speaks in many full sentences. She loves to climb and is much more adventurous than her brother. She tries to steal his bike and scooter all the time, although she hates wearing her helmet (tough luck).

Liam’s sense of humor has been really developing a lot lately and he has us cracking up a lot of the time. He likes to change the words to songs to be funny or come up with silly little nicknames for himself and others. Four is such a fun age! The highlight of Liam’s week continues to be his Sunday School class and it’s so fun to hear him talk about the things he is learning. They spent the last two months focusing on creation and all the things God made and he loves to recite them: “Mom, did you know God made light & dark? And the animals? And fish & birds? And the people?
AND THEN HE WAS DONE!!” This is all said with a HUGE smile. Liam is still fiercely protective of his little sis and very gentle with her (99% of the time). I know he’ll be awesome with a little brother coming soon, too.

All in all, things are going well here. We praise God for His faithfulness and are enjoying this season of life.


2 thoughts on “August Already??

    • HAHA! Yep, it’s from a Chocolate Cat Cookie from TJ’s. 🙂 You can see it in her hand. She was smiling & saying “Cheese” 🙂

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