Still Missing You

Mom, some days it seems like yesterday that you were here, but most of the time, it feels like you’ve been gone a really long time. I wish that I had a machine that I could just pull memories of you out of at any time, but the reality is that I feel like each day I live without you, it’s harder and harder to remember everything. I guess that’s just the way death is.

I just want you to know that your memory still lives on, and I still miss you ever day.

You were the BEST.


6 thoughts on “Still Missing You

  1. Kelly, thank you for keeping your Mom’s memory fresh for all of us who loved her. She was such a gift from God, a truly rare person. She is and always will be dear to me and my best friend. So irreplaceable. I speak about her often to others. She taught me how to laugh and be playful. She inspired and taught me how to be a mom and wife. You have the privilege of carrying on her Godly heritage and I know you will do a great job of following in her footsteps. Rosemarie Holmes

  2. Aw Kelly, thinking and praying for you. It is just so hard at times! I LOVE the photo you posted and it has inspired me to post more of days with my mom too. Hugs to you on the sad days!

  3. Kel, thank you for this and I am right there with you. I was just talking with John this past week about how it does seems harder to remember times with her, as time goes by. That makes me sad! I remember her often in the little things I do, but do wish there were more memories with her. I know talking about her and telling stories about her to loved ones will help keep her spirit alive, just how she always did with stories of her mom. I love you.

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