The obligatory “we’re having a baby” post! :)

Yes, for those of you who aren’t my friends on Facebook, we shared some exciting news last week… We are expecting Baby #3!! Due date is November 13th and I will be 12 weeks along this Tuesday.

Although I was faithful to take & post pregnancy belly pictures every 2 weeks throughout Liam’s pregnancy, I maybe took 3 combined with Lauren, and so far I have not taken any this pregnancy. Maybe it just because I’m busier taking care of the other two! Or maybe I’m just not thrilled at watching myself get so large and in charge again, haha.

Here is the first glimpse we had of baby at 8 weeks and 2 days old:

And here is a more recent one we had taken at 11 weeks exactly:

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our little guppy went from looking like a gummy bear to looking like a BABY?! Man, God’s ways are so amazing! We just feel so blessed and thankful for this new baby and I cannot wait to meet it in November. We will find out the gender probably in June sometime at my “big ultrasound”, so I can’t wait to know that! Obviously we have one of each already, so there’s not really any pressure either way for a boy or a girl this time. We will be happy either way 🙂

Here we go again! Thank you for the prayers for this new little one.


2 thoughts on “The obligatory “we’re having a baby” post! :)

  1. Kelly, Linda and I are so blessed thinking of this baby who is coming in November. I’ll go out on a limb and predict “girl”. But I’m only right 50% of the time! Love you all! ~Dad

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