Remembering My Mama 2 Years Later

March 13th marks two years since my Mama took her final breathe on this earth before entering into an eternity with Jesus. I cannot believe it has been a full two years already, but in a lot of ways it feels like a lot longer than that. I looked through my old photo albums today and found some oldie but goodies with my Mom & I. Please forgive the poor photo quality – i had to take pictures of pictures because some of the pages wouldn’t open.

I love this picture of John, Mom, and me. John reminds me SO much of Lauren here!! That is totally a face she would make. This was in our home on Trapline Drive in Anchorage, Alaska.

Camping or a day trip- I’m wondering if this was at Lake of the Woods in Oregon? Mom has Mary Anne in the backpack. This might be my favorite, just because it shows her doing what mamas do best – being a comfort to their kids!

John, Me, Mar, Dad, Mom and Brian at my high school Baccalaureate service that I put together. It was a special time.

Another one of “us gals”. Haha, I’m the only one who’s REALLY smiling… Mom would probably kill me for putting this one up, haha. Oh well 🙂 Love you, Mom!

I believe this was at Sahalie Falls on a hike with one of my brothers and sister and mom and dad. I think Kevin & Kathy Fink were with us as well. Neat memory.

Mom visiting me at my FIRST little college room at the U of O. I lived at the Christus House my first two years, a Christian co-op. Mom did such a good job of getting me set up to move out.

Uncle Scott, cousin Jake, Mom & Me in Anchorage on a trip that her and I made together quite awhile back.

At the Alaska State Fair on that same trip.



I feel so blessed that I had the privilege of having you as my Mama. You were so loving and sacrificially giving to our family. Your memory lives on and we will never forget your goofy laugh and sense of humor, your spontaneity, your love for the outdoors and nature, or your passion for Jesus.

Though you are gone from this earth, I still look forward to the day when I will see you again in heaven. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you and give you an enormous hug. It’s probably a good thing that you were never able to say “goodbye” to us with your words, because it’s truly not a forever goodbye and we get to see you one day SOON!

I love you forever,


2 thoughts on “Remembering My Mama 2 Years Later

  1. Kelly, I loved looking at all the pics of your family. You look so much like your mom, and it is so cute seeing your kiddos resembling you and your siblings too 🙂 You are an amazing mama, and I know your Mom would be so proud of you. I thinking of you today. Love, Kacy

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