February facts

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I updated here! Eek! Hard to believe that February is already winding down and it will soon be SPRING before we can blink!

I celebrated my 29th birthday a few weeks ago. I cannot believe I’m so close to 30 already! My mom always said she felt her best in her 30s and so I’ve always looked forward to that decade, but still I cannot believe how close I am. Man, this life is such a vapor. It’s amazing how fast it all goes.

The thing that marks the passing of time the most obviously is of course my two young kiddos. It has been such a fun time of growth for both of them lately and I’m really enjoying it.

Lauren is 17 months now and is already communicating SOOO much, it amazes me! Some of her words and phrases most commonly heard around here these days are: uhn-uh (no), mama, dad, brudda (brother), down, more, dog, I stuck, wow, ow, bye (sounds like my), thank you (dank ooh) and yeah. But she repeats SO much of what she hears lately that I’m often shocked to hear cute little new words coming out of her mouth. She is definitely a GIRL and loves to get her talk on 🙂 Lauren is an adventurous eater and is willing to try just about anything. Her favorite breakfast is steel cut oatmeal with maple syrup, raisins and a little milk. It still shocks me every time to see that she actually eats it and eats a LOT of it!

Liam will be four in 2.5 months and he has become much more confident and talkative with his peers these days. He lives for Sunday School each week and loves to tell us all the goings-on from class. He is also obsessed with the story of Jonah and loves to add that tid bit into just about every Bible story he is read or told, haha. It’s fun to see him at this age being so much more interested in other kids and noticing a lot about them and their personalities. Liam will be starting swimming lessons next month and I think he is going to have a blast. Liam is a classic firstborn “enforcer of the rules” and likes to make sure other kids are following the rules at all times, sometimes excessively haha 🙂 One example of this is when we play at the play area at one of our local malls – if he notices any kids trying to escape, he is the first one to run over and hold his arms out and say, “No, we have to stay inside here!” even if he doesn’t know the kid. Oh boy… 🙂 Thankfully, he also has a silly side and loves to come up with goofy names for everyone in our family – some of the latest and greatest are “sugar cookie”, “shumbum” and “snickerdoodle”. What can I say… he’s creative! 😉 It is so funny to watch your kids’ personalities develop. I am amazed each day how even though I parent the same way with both kids, their personalities are so definitely ingrained in them from birth.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “February facts

  1. Loved reading about the children Kelly…I can hardly believe how fast they are changing, especially since it seems like Lauren only arrived a little while ago. Makes me want to stop the clock so my mind can catch up…

    You are doing a wonderful job raising happy, healthy children! You have the most important job in the world….being a mom.

    It makes me happy !

    <3, Bonnie

  2. You have such sweet kids. I am so happy you are enjoying being a Mom. I never regretted one minute staying home with mine. Love your stories and thanks for sharing,

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