Note from my mom

I found this notecard in my desk while doing some decluttering last night. It’s not dated, but I’m guessing that she wrote it when I was pregnant with Liam.

Isn’t it amazing sometimes how the Lord works out the timing of these things? Obviously neither my mom nor I knew that she wouldn’t be around through most of my years of mothering, and yet she felt prompted to write this and it will always serve as a reminder that my mom believed in me – that she is telling me, “YOU CAN DO IT.”



5 thoughts on “Note from my mom

  1. Wow, Kel! That is SOOO special!! I also love how it is not dated… it’s almost like it was meant for you now, rather than when you got it. She was such a special Momma… and I know she is thinking, ‘YOU CAN DO IT” ! Love you.

  2. You are so much like your wonderful Mom. She is smiling at you and so proud of you because YOU are a wonderful Mom. Oh Kelly, God is so good. He is proud of you too.

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