Spring in January and a Tribute to Petey

Those pictures don’t have too much to do with anything, but I just thought i’d throw them in there anyway! Probably should have some sunny pictures from being outside to go with my title, but oh well… πŸ™‚

Anyway, our “winter weather” has been a JOKE here lately! Instead of the normal grey, rainy, cloudy stuff we have from November straight thru March (our rainest months), it has been sooo much blue skies and hardly any rain. Us locals are starting to get cocky I think and forget that our normal winter weather is totally different than this. The downside to these sunny days are the fact that when this happens, we often end up with an incredibly rainy early summer (until about July!) to make up for it… Ick. I would much rather have my rainy winter and a nice spring.

The plus side to these nice days has been some uncharacteristic (for this time of year, anyway) outdoors time with the kids. We’ve been down to our neighborhood park a few times in the last few days and with just light sweatshirts on! It’s so funny going down there now with both kids because all of a sudden Lauren is a full-on KID running in every direction so instead of one kid and one baby, I’m chasing them both in every direction. She has grown so quickly and I’m still amazed at how fast babyhood goes by.

In other “news”, we almost got a puppy the other day on impulse (seem in the ghetto cell phone pic above). We stopped into a locally owned pet store and were offered a chance to hold a puppy. I ask you, if you saw your little 16-month-old daughter giggling like crazy as a teeny tiny puppy licked her little face and fingers, wouldn’t you be tempted to impulse buy? πŸ™‚ David was sold, hook line and sinker. I on the other hand wasn’t really ready to commit to that, especially since I would probably be the primary caretaker. Maybe one day we will get a dog, but I think I’m busy enough with two kids at this point… and we settled on a betta fish instead.

Lastly, I would like to pay tribute to a beautiful, tenderhearted dog who passed away this past week. Petey was my brother’s family dog for over a decade. He was a fierce protector and very loving. You are missed, Petey! The picture above was taken with Liam & Petey at Thanksgiving this past year.


One thought on “Spring in January and a Tribute to Petey

  1. You would have so regretted getting a dog the second you fit it into your house! Haha. Way to be the realist in the situation πŸ™‚

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