Simplicity’s Gift: A Mother’s Legacy

Wow, I am so proud of my sister!! She just finished & self-published a book that she has been working on for several years. Here is the description she posted on Facebook today:

“It is finished!! A project I’ve been working on for several years is now in book form. It’s half memoir/lessons from childhood, and half a tribute to my mama. Feel no pressure to buy, but if you decide you’re interested, Lulu is offering free shipping ONLY through the 23rd. Use the code “RUSH” or “RUSH305″ at checkout. Thanks friends!!”

I read a rough draft of this book a year ago and even then it was quite good. Very sentimental and reminiscent of a simpler childhood! If you are interested in buying it, use the code in the paragraph above to get free shipping.

You can buy it here:

Good job, Mar! We are proud of you 🙂


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