The kind of lady my Mom was

Anyone who knew my Mom knew that she had a great sense of humor. Mom could be a total goofball and was even known to do a practical joke or ten πŸ˜‰ I came across this old picture and was so glad that I had kept it because it reminded me of a funny story involving Mom.

So, first I’ll let you take a peek at the picture. Do you spot the random cupcake in my pantry? I’ll explain in a second…

So, here’s the story: Back in March of 2008, when my parents were still living in Alaska, they flew in so my mom could attend two baby showers that were being thrown for me. It was SO fun having them visit.

After one of the showers, we had these REALLY TASTY cupcakes leftover and I think I brought home maybe 5 or so of them. My husband David wanted to make sure he got to eat one but wasn’t ready to eat his yet, so he hid this one in the pantry (hehe, it was tradition in his house growing up to hide any really good candy/food that you had so that the other siblings didn’t eat it!).

Since my parents were staying at our house, my mom opened the pantry and saw said cupcake. She asked me about it and I laughed after seeing it too and explained I was sure David had put it there. Without saying a word, she took out the cupcake, took it over to the counter, grabbed a knife, and cut out the entire middle of the cupcake!! She wrapped this portion up and we hid it where David wouldn’t see. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he snuck into the pantry later that evening to grab his hidden cupcake πŸ™‚

Fast forward a few hours and David quietly walks over to the pantry looking for his cupcake. He grabs it, pulls it out, and goes, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?” as my mom and I looked on. She started busting up laughing & told him what she’d done, going to get the rest of the cupcake for him. We all had a good chuckle!

Anyway, this is the kind of fun-loving woman who raised me. My mom is the one who created the tradition of putting gummy worms in our noses every time we got together with our friends the Feltmans. And she is the one I continue to miss every single day.

Sometimes words aren’t enough, and it feels so inadequate to just say, “I miss my Mom.” So instead, I’m just taking a moment today to remember the funny side of her.


3 thoughts on “The kind of lady my Mom was

  1. This is still one of my favorite stories. I LOVE it! Haha. I love also that she saved the middle portion of the cupcake so David could still eat it, but she still got to have fun with him. I can still hear her laughter at something like this… the best!

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