Look who turned ONE!!

One year ago today, our lives were changed in a wonderful way as our first daughter Lauren was born! What a joy she immediately brought to our lives. I remember feeling so accomplished having brought a living being into the world without needing a C-section this time around, and I remember how good it felt to have another girl in my life! My mom had just passed away 6 months prior, so in her honor, we gave Lauren the same middle name that my mom had.

Today, Lauren is spunky, a great climber, walking around as if she’s been doing it for ages, dramatic, smiley, a not-so-great sleeper (especially when teething), a great playmate for her brother, an adventurous eater, and just an all-around great little girl!

She LOVED her little birthday party and enjoyed eating all the frosting off her cupcake first before digging in to the rest of it. She is enjoying playing with all her new presents and especially loves sitting in her new pink rocking chair and playing with her new Noah’s Ark set.

We love you, Lauren! May God bless and keep you, and may you have a wonderful year ahead. We can’t wait to get to know you more and more as your personality continues to emerge. You are a GIFT from above!


4 thoughts on “Look who turned ONE!!

  1. Love this update Kelly, You have a beautiful family. I know little Lauren is a gift from above. Having a daughter is wonderful. They grow from babies, to young ladies, to women and become the best of friends ~ and they take such good care of their mama’s!

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