The little mama

It cracks me up watching the differences between little boys and girls, right from birth! Although Liam has always been a fairly snuggly little boy, Lauren immediately took on a very nurturing personality right from the get-go and often I will look over to see her patting her little stuffed animals or baby doll.

Previously, her only baby doll was a doll that my Aunt had given to Liam to prepare for having a new sibling, but Lauren quickly took ownership of said doll upon her arrival 🙂 She LOVES that doll! We aren’t quite sure what she’s telling her baby, but she is very serious about it.

Which brings me to her little surprise that she received this week. Lauren had some Christmas money left to spend (since she was only a few months old at Christmas time, I wanted to wait until she could appreciate the present more!). I ordered online a doll like her other one but with different clothes and a little darker skin tone. Here she is here. By the way, Corolle brand dolls are the BEST! You can throw them in the washing machine and they dry within a day. Also, they have this really nice vanilla scent that doesn’t seem to ever go away – it’s light and nice, not overpowering. (Note: i’m not getting anything for telling you I love these dolls!:)

As soon as the box came and I started to open it, Lauren crawled right over and started clapping her hands! She practically ripped the thing from my arms and immediately cuddled it. She crawled around holding that thing for at least the next hour straight. SO WORTH IT!! 🙂

And so, the “little mama” has been quite busy this week tending to her new little sweetie. I love this girl!


3 thoughts on “The little mama

  1. PRECIOUS! I love that you are enjoying your children so much Kelly….baby girls bring an extra measure of tenderness into the heart, and end up taking good care of their mama’s as they mature. Your children are such a gift….such a delight. Kudos to you and David…as you raise your young family. ❤

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