Sleepy Summer Stroller Rides

Sometimes on our warm summer evenings (although we have actually had a cooler, rainy last few days), David will take the kids out to the park or out on a jog in the double jogging stroller while I do the dishes. They like getting out and exploring and he likes getting a little exercise!

The other day he got a later start and came back at about 7:30. He knocked on the door and when I opened, he told me I had to come take a look. Imagine my surprise when I found our usually-quite-sleepless kids both completely passed out! Liam NEVER falls asleep early in particular, so that was shock enough. We carried them both in and Liam went straight to bed, as did his sister (until she woke up a little while later, which seems to be her MO).

Anyway, fun little memory. These are the kinds of things that I’ll forget about it I don’t include them in my blog! Having young kids is seriously so much fun!!


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