Goodbye, Dry Rot. Hello, Lovely Tile!

In life, sometimes we learn lessons the hard way…

This was a lesson learned definitely the hard way!!

We didn’t realize until fairly recently that the vinyl in our guest bathroom had been cut just a little bit too short next to the bathtub, and as the caulk shrunk up, there was a slight gap between the tub & the vinyl. So, for the past 4 years, every little bit of water splashed out of the bathtub (or POURED out of, as is the case unfortunately with little kids sometimes) was going underneath that vinyl and into our subflooring, and then into the decking. When we had Jeff P take a look, this is what he found:

Yeah, our reaction wasn’t too thrilled, either.

But thankfully, we had a real pro on our hands and he got right to work fixing that dry rot! Luckily, it hadn’t gone into the actual framing of the house, but the decking & subflooring had to be replaced, and then on top of that he laid some other stuff I don’t know the name of (to keep the water out), and then lovely TILES were placed!

And here is the end result! I used the flash in the second picture and that’s why the colors look slightly different.

Anyway, we are really happy with how it turned out, and thankful that Jeff did such a great job on it! And from now on, there will be NO cups allowed in the bathtub with the kids and towels will be laid down all the time on the floor outside of the tub! 🙂


On another note, this weekend my Dad married lovely Linda! It was a nice, low-key ceremony and really neat to meet our new extended family members. God has been faithful to give them a new chance at love and companionship again and I’m very happy for them both. I may have a picture or two to share down the road but don’t have any yet, sorry!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dry Rot. Hello, Lovely Tile!

  1. wow! Beautiful bathroom floor! It stinks that you had to go through it, but I bet you are so happy with the results!
    Congrats to your dad as well. I am glad he has found a companion!

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