Happy 4th of July, Mom!

Me, my Mama and my sis way back in Medford – this is probably around 1999 or 2000?


Two years ago today, we sat in your hospital room watching as fireworks burst outside in glorious splendor. You were recovering from your initial major surgery and we were all still reeling in confusion and sadness. But we took a few moments to watch those beautiful colors burst across the sky and it was a special time I will never forget. My last 4th of July with you.

I love you, I miss you, and I think of you every single day. I wish you were here to watch your grandkids growing and doing so well. The other day when we found a lump on Liam’s head and were anxiously waiting for his Dr appt to have it checked out, I wished that you were here to worry and pray with us (Note: Turns out it was just a massively swollen lymph node from a bug bite on his scalp that got infected – Praise God!). There’s no one like your Mom to make you feel better when you’re scared.

A lot of people say that Lauren reminds them of you, and I definitely see it. She is spunky and not afraid of anything or anyone. She has such a sweet little round face and makes eye contact with just about anyone. Her hair is still brown, but not nearly as dark as when she was first born. She’s cruising around everywhere these days and I suspect she might walk before her first birthday. That sounds like how you would have been as a baby, too – busy exploring the world and in a hurry to get moving! 🙂

A bunch of the family is up in Alaska right now having a Roselius family reunion. I know you loved those get togethers and I know everyone misses you so much up there, too. I wish we could have made it up there to reminisce about you.

Anyway, I love you so much, Mom. You are gone from this life but never forgotten. Your humor, your energy, your zest for life… they will always be looked back on fondly and will put a smile on our faces.



2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, Mom!

  1. I remember that last 4th of July as well…and we SO wish you were all here!!! We are having a blast, but it’s not the same without ALL the family! Happy 4th of July sistas! Love you.

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