Playing Catchup

It’s been awhile since I posted, so I guess I’m due for a little catch up here! It has been a VERY busy month.

First up was the Born to Run 5K for Lane Pregnancy Support Center. David serves on their board and they are a great organization doing fantastic work in our community to help women and unborn children. It was a beautiful morning as we walked alongside the Willamette River. My mother-in-law, father-in-law (who took all of the pics below except for the last two in this post), my Dad, my hubby, and my two kids all walked together. Liam really enjoyed sitting in the double jogger stroller, but Lauren only lasted about halfway before her incessant crying caused me to plop her into the Ergo front pack that I brought along for exactly that reason – just in case! šŸ™‚ Overall, I believe they raised $15,000 for the center and many babies & women will be helped!

Soon after the walk came Lauren’s baby dedication. My in-laws and bro-in-law Lukas came to the service as well as my Dad, who wasn’t feeling very well that morning. Turns out, he was having a heart attack DURING THE DEDICATION!! You can see in the picture below, he had to sit down because he was feeling ill. It is really bizarre to think about, because his heart attack was not at all like the classic movie heart attack that you see, where someone falls down on the ground grabbing their arm or heart. I suggest that you take a quick peek at this link so that you can be better prepared than we were should you or a loved one have a heart attack. On that note, Dad is recovering remarkably well and his weekly cardiac rehab sessions are going excellent! This week, his exercise has been bumped up to 25 minutes of walking, 2 times a day. We are so thankful to God for his goodness and protection over my Dad’s life.

Anyway, back to the dedication… We were so happy to see Lauren (along with about 20 other babies from our church) be dedicated to the Lord. I can’t wait to watch Lauren grow and I pray that she always knows the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Anyway, that’s about all in the news for us. Enjoyed a great Father’s Day weekend this past week, spending Saturday with my in-laws up at their beautiful McKenzie River front home and then hosted a little BBQ on Sunday for my Dad & his betrothed plus my little sis Mar who came down for the day.

And here’s 2 goofy pics just to finish this off. Lauren’s hair is SO CURLY in the one with me & the kids, no? She took a bath & slept on it so it curled right up! It was so cute! šŸ™‚


One thought on “Playing Catchup

  1. Oh I love Lauren’s little curls! Nice update, I was just looking at your blog earlier to see if you had posted anything :). Guess I should update mine someday too…. Hope you’re having a great week! Love ya

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