(photo by my father-in-law Kelly!)

One of the main reasons I blog is mostly so I have a record of important things that happen, especially relating to my kids. So I thought I’d take a moment (for myself) and write down some “Liam-isms” that are cracking me up these days:

– Liam has a little 7-yr-old neighbor friend who he often plays at our park with. He has taken to calling EVERY older boy by this boy’s name. So a lot of unsuspecting boys have been greeted with a “Hi, Rave!” 😉

– Liam is not your average toddler sleep-wise and never has been. He will still sometimes take a nap (but often not), and although his bedtime is at 8:00, he will more times than not be still playing happily in his room at 10:15 at night when we start to head to bed! The kid just doesn’t need much sleep

– Liam recently started going to Sunday School when he turned 3 (he graduated from the 2’s nursery at church). He LOVES being with all the “big kids” and all throughout the week, I hear him singing little bits of songs that he learned from there. SO cute! This boy LOVES to sing.

– Liam is still totally, completely kind to his little sis. Every time he hears her waking up from her naps, he runs in happily, turns on the light, and says, “A good nap?? A good nap?” because he has heard me say this for years

– Liam overheard his Daddy talking on the phone to a client the other day, and as he hung up, David said, “All right, thanks very much, Rocky!” Now, Liam thinks it is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S to call his Dad “Rocky” any chance he gets. As soon as David comes home from work, it starts – “Hi, Rocky! Rocky’s home!” This boy knows exactly how to get us to laugh 🙂

– Liam knows about his Grandma Mickey in heaven. He recognizes her and says “Grandma Mickey” any time he sees a picture of her. When I ask him where Grandma Mickey lives, he says, “In heaven with Jesus.” Melt. My. Heart.!!!!

I love this boy!


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