“No Fear Here”

When my sister was in town recently, we were going through more of Mom’s things. I began to look through her scripture cards, which I saw her read through so many times through the years. Any time Mom wanted to feel encouraged or to increase her faith, she would read through these little index cards, one by one. On each one, she had written a verse that spoke to her. In fact, she made me a little stack of my own at one point when I was in college.

As I was reading through the cards, I noticed that amongst the old, faded ones were quite a few newer ones on crisp white index cards. I saw that instead of mom’s perfect cursive penmanship, her writing was noticeably poorer on these cards. Looking back, I know that she wrote these cards during her bout with cancer. As she neared towards the finish line, she just wasn’t able to hold her hand as steadily, but she still wrote out her scriptures in faith.

I came upon one in particular that made me cry as I read it:

Notice at the bottom her words that she had added.


My Mom will always be my hero, for she did battle with her fears. Faced with a terminal illness, she chose to trust God and to believe that He could heal her. She knew that if she DIDN’T receive her healing here on earth, she would be healed in heaven. For her to write “NO FEAR HERE” was a tremendous milestone for a woman who lived with many fears up until that point.

I LOVE knowing that God healed her of her fears in the last stage of her life. I love that she was so brave. I love that she went up against her worst fear – dying of cancer and the pain that she worried might come with it – and refused to cower down in fear. She faced it head on with her Bible verses in hand, rebuking any fear and trusting in her Jesus.

She will always be my hero.

Love you, Mama!


4 thoughts on ““No Fear Here”

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Kelly. Your mom continues to be an amazing woman to me, as her legacy lives on. I remember a time when she gave me a stack of index cards, too, to encourage us through a difficult time…. Love to you and your family… And thank you for your blog. I always look forward to your updates.

  1. I too have my Scripture cards…the Truth drives out all fear. I loved your Mom and still do. I can’t wait to see her smiling face again. She set an excellent example of trusting God for all things. Today’s Daily Bread talks about “God is God” whether he rescues us or takes us home…no matter. Love you Kelly; you are a godly woman too.

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