Everyone loves a birthday party!

My husband’s side of the family has a TON of birthdays in February & March, so lately we have been having a lot of cake & ice cream, blowing out a bazillion candles, and singing Happy Birthday just about every time we see my in-laws. Of course, Liam loves this and now assumes that EVERY get together with G’ma & G’pa involves cake & singing. In fact, the mere mention of their name these days brings about a “Happy Bird-Day to Boo” anthem loud & proud from Liam’s mouth, as well as many exclamations of “Birthday party!! Birthday party! Cake!!”.

Fortunately, this birthday hype is all in great timing as Liam turns THREE next month! I can hardly believe my firstborn is already turning preschool age… Amazing how fast time flies. Anyway, I’m hoping since he’s really into birthdays right now, he’ll appreciate his own all the more this year!

Here’s a few pictures from some of our recent birthday celebrations with the Fenleys. If you see anything on Liam’s face in any of these photos, you can be certain it is cake frosting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Everyone loves a birthday party!

  1. I love this! We listened to the Birthday – boo song he recorded for John over and over and just laughed!! It is the most precious thing ever!!! We loved it. That makes his birthday SO much fun!!

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