Kite Drawings & some other thoughts

The other day, I heard Liam back in his room and he kept repeating happily, “Kite! Kite!!”. I didn’t think much of it, until he brought me out his Magna Doodle and showed me this (you can click on the picture to enlarge it):

For the “non-artists” out there (haha), this is clearly a kite! 🙂 And also the first semi-recognizable thing that Liam has drawn! Needless to say, I was a proud Mama & begged him to take a picture before he erased it.

The closer Liam gets to 3 (which he turns next month!), the more impressed I am with the changes I’m seeing in him. It’s so fun to be able to communicate more easily with him, and to see him really embrace the big brother role. He still is SOO good to Lauren and they enjoy playing with each other so much. Blesses my heart!

Speaking of Lauren, here she is on a little bit of a wild hair day 😉

These days, I’ve usually been clipping her hair back in a barrette because it’s getting pretty long (and curly/wavy). When she first gets out of the bath, she has the cutest little ringlets, but as the day goes on, she sleeps on it and flattens it out. But, if I had any doubt of whether her hair would be curly later on in life, it is gone. I am thinking this girl is destined for curly hair! FUN!

Well, I had planned to write more, but both kids are napping and I need to enjoy a little QUIET TIME, so off I go. Happy Monday!!


2 thoughts on “Kite Drawings & some other thoughts

  1. Hi Kelly
    3 is such a fun age, it’s so incredible to hear their thoughts and ideas expanding. I really enjoyed keeping a journal (or blogging) Evelyn’s latest sentences because, a. I am a speech therapist and couldn’t help myself! and b. some of the things she said were quite profound, some were just plain hysterical! I work with so many little boys in my job, and 3 year old boys are, hands down, my favorite! Have fun with your 3 year old!

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