Precious pumpkin

Each month with a new baby is such a delight, as you see their personality emerging more and more each day. Lauren keeps surprising us each day with new things that she does. So far, here’s some fun new tidbits about Lauren:

– She loves her little baby doll more than ANY other toy in our home
– She lights up with joy every time that Liam comes near here
– She loves to sit up by herself these days and is getting better & better at it!
– She has tried rice cereal, bananas and avocado
– She is starting to scoot around a little, but no army crawl quite yet
– She whimpers when anyone besides her Mama or Dad hold her, but is not NEARLY as separation-anxiety-ridden as Liam already was at this age
– She is not a super snuggly baby, but still loves to be near us
– The first thing Lauren does when she wakes up is INSTANTLY sit straight up. It is the funniest thing to watch! She will go from a dead sleep to sitting straight up in 2 seconds flat šŸ™‚
– Lauren loves to drink water from a cup (although it looks more like she’s lapping at it like a little kitten!)

Anyway, those are just a few little tidbits about our youngest sweetie. What a joy she is!


4 thoughts on “Precious pumpkin

  1. Yes, on the “separation anxiety” issue, I notice she’ll let me hold her as long as Mama is near and in plain sight. But the normally ever-present smile disappears as she seems to be wondering, “How come Mama is there, but this guy (Grandpa Jim) is holding me instead of Mama holding me?” šŸ™‚

  2. Haha, cute Kel! Love the little tidbits. The sitting straight up when she wakes up is hilarious! I can totally picture it. For some reason, that reminds me of something Grandma Mickey would do, or did šŸ™‚

  3. Charity, you are so right! In fact, Lauren strongly reminds me of Mickey’s baby photos and of some of the early black-and-white films of her childhood. Full bore, full steam ahead!!! “I know there’s some FUN to be found in here.” That was Mickey.

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