Snow Day Deja Vu

Well, it happened again! We don’t get much snow in these parts, so it’s a pretty big deal when we do. This is a rare year where we’ve gotten TWO separate little snow dustings. I wrote about the last one here and just thought I’d throw up a few pictures again this time. It’s funny to see your kid(s) in the same setting but in just a few short months to see the big differences in how they’ve grown. Well, at least I notice them cuz I’m the Mom 😉

Liam was RARING to go at about 7am when he first saw that snow. He kept yelling, “Snowflakes! Snowflakes!” and was pretty excited.

It was still snowing when he went out there so he was watching the flakes come down.

Notice the tracks in the snow already… He didn’t take long!

Running around.

Fun seeing my butterfly bushes covered in snow & the trees on the other side of the street looked so pretty!

You can see the hill to the east was nicely coated with snow as well!

David took Lauren out for a minute before he headed for work. She looked SOOO precious when she came in with little snowflakes in her hair!!

Anyway, we enjoyed our 2nd snow day of the year!


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