Him & Her

Oh how fun it is to see the differences in my two kids. Liam is SO very much boy and Lauren is a VERY feminine little girl!

Lauren is a totally loving baby. She loves getting kisses & hugs and is VERY snuggly with her mom and dad. Her greatest delights these days are snuggling with her dolly and watching her brother play. Her eyes light up when he comes into the room! She’ll be starting on some solid foods very soon and we can’t believe she’s already big enough to do so! This week, she also will be switching to a “big girl carseat” which matches her big brother’s seat. She’ll be a little more upright so she can look out the windows more easily. Lately, she’s been trying to sit up the whole time she’s in her little infant seat, so it’s not very comfortable!

Liam, on the other hand, is our little outdoor adventurer. Doesn’t matter how cold it is, or even if it’s raining, he wants to be outdoors! He loves to wear his rainboots and can put them on himself (which he LOVES). (Side note: When I ordered those boots online, I thought they were a light blue. Haha, turns out “periwinkle” is NOT the color that I thought it was and my son is strutting around in the backyard in boots that look pretty much like lavender! Oh well, they will be passed on to his sister next year anyway, so no biggie). His favorite things to do are dig in the dirt in my raised bed outside and grab decomposing leaves from the grass and crinkle them up, watching them as they fall back down to the grass. Liam also is addicted to any and every park and is becoming more adventurous with the play structures. He almost gave me a heart attack the other day at a local park, climbing up to a VERY high spot & leaning his body out an opening to say hello. I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it! We decided that next time we went to that park, his Daddy would need to go up there with him!!

Liam continues to be very kind & gentle with his sister. He is very protective of her and sometimes gets nervous when people besides mom & dad hold her. The other day, he thought someone was leaving with her and started jumping up to grab her legs saying, “No!! All mine Lauren! All mine!” On that note, “all mine” is Liam’s FAVORITE phrase these days, which is no surprise! He is getting better at sharing things with his sister, though, and we are very proud of him.

Anyway, we love them both and we are so thankful for the blessing of having children! They refine us in ways you can’t even imagine until you have one… Children make you think outside of yourselves, sacrificing what YOU might want for instead what THEY need. God knew what he was doing when he set up this system! 🙂


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