Talk talk talking!

(Above is a recent picture that my father-in-law took of Liam over Christmas, while he was watching his DuckTales DVD he had just opened:)

So… as easy as it is to obsess about a baby’s little milestones and “look-what-she-can-do’s”, I want to heap some praise on Liam today! I am so proud of my little fella as his verbal skills are TOTALLY improving!

Liam now LOVES to talk about any and every animal and loves to make their sounds. I spend half the day trying to make sure he doesn’t poke his sister in the eyes as he points & shows her what each facial part is called – “Eyes! Nose! Chin!”, etc. 😉 Liam is my little verbal mimic these days, too, trying to repeat just about ANYTHING that I say.

I am so proud of him and how far he’s come in these past few months since his sister arrived. Lots of people told me that when a sibling is born, all of a sudden there is a big increase in your firstborn’s verbal skills, and this has definitely been the case for our little guy.

GREAT JOB, Liam! And as exhausting as it can sometimes be, keep asking, “What’s this?” 🙂


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