First Christmas – in a couple of ways

This is a Christmas of firsts… Lauren’s first Christmas EVER, Liam’s first Christmas that he is SUPER PUMPED & old enough to be excited about, and our first Christmas without Mom.

It’s amazing to think that it has been over 9 months already since she left this world and went to be with Jesus. In so many ways, we’ve adjusted to the “new normal”, but so many things about Christmas just brings back sooo many memories with her and make my heart hurt a little.

I wish I could thank her for working so hard all those years to make our Christmases memorable. The special dinners, the fun baking, the huge amount of time & effort she put into buying presents & stocking stuffers… She was always nervous that we didn’t like the gifts that we got, and we would always say, “Mom!! Are you serious!? It’s PERFECT!”

Anyway, I’m thankful for all the years that I had with Mom and her giving, servant’s heart. And now it’s my turn to (hopefully) make this a special time of year for MY children.

Speaking of which, here’s a cute little Christmas-dressed girl!

This will be a BUSY week with a lot of different get-togethers planned! I’m looking forward to spending time with loved ones and celebrating Jesus’ birth.

…and now I better run – I’ve got a little 3-month-old who is talking my ear off! She wants some attention 🙂


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