5 years ago

Today I celebrate 5 years of marriage with my wonderful David! Wow, it’s bizarre how many hardships and difficulties we have had to overcome in our short five years (nothing related to our marriage, but other things which I will explain). Through it all, the Lord has been faithful to us and brought us JOY.

In the picture below, we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary at the Oregon coast. We were SOO happy because we were pregnant with our first baby!! Sadly, a few days after this picture I had my first miscarriage, and we would go on to have another miscarriage at 12 weeks before finally having a successful pregnancy with Liam. It was a scary and sad time, not knowing if something was wrong with me, but God delivered us from the infertility.

Then, at the end of our pregnancy with Liam, we were involved in the awful car wreck I wrote about here. It was a scary time and I am so thankful that we survived it.

In the first year of Liam’s life, there was much joy. Although it took a full year for David to fully recover from his injuries (including a followup surgery that I wrote about here), there was so much joy in our first year as parents!! We were thrilled.

When Liam was 6 months old, we flew to Alaska to have Thanksgiving with my parents. It was such a special time! My mom & dad really pampered us and we loved having our little Liam doted on! Sadly, this was the last Thanksgiving that my mom was healthy for. She was diagnosed in June of 2009 and sadly passed away March of 2010. This was another sad time for our family and we continue to miss her every day.


The Lord turned our mourning into joy as we welcomed our second baby, beautiful Lauren! Wow, God is so good. New life came along and we adore her.

So although we have endured 2 miscarriages, a horrific car wreck that nearly killed us and my parents, and the devastating loss of my mom to colon cancer, we still rejoice in the Lord’s goodness. I am so thankful that he brought David into my life and that we have been blessed to start our own family! Through it all, God is good.


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